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An Online Campus Directory

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

UNT Students, Faculty, and staff now have a new tool for communicating with others on the UNT campus. An official online directory is now available at the following URL: The directory service allows you to search on first and last name and returns the position and contact information for faculty and the E-mail address and the major, college, and classification for students.

Students who have requested that their directory information be withheld will not appear in the directory. Faculty and staff contact information is public information under State law and cannot be withheld from the directory.

Getting by

For years the campus used an unofficial E-mail directory supplied by the College of Arts and Sciences Computing Support Services Staff in partnership with ACS and other CITC staff. The directory combined EagleMail, GroupWise, and P-Mail addresses and correlated them with top-level aliases and made available all non-duplicated addresses. It was a great service, but it wasn't "official" and could not determine which address of many might be the preferred address of a faculty or staff

It's official!

The new official directory at  still must rely on available information to provide a preferred e-mail address, however, that information can now be updated via the EUID Account Management page. If you haven't already done so, please update your preferred E-mail address at  so that your E-mail address in the directory will be correct. You will have to login using your EUID and password to access and update your account information.

The more people who update their preferred addresses, the more accurate the directory will be. So, please tell your colleagues about this service and let them know how to update their information. CITC staff will continue to develop this directory and are working on ways to populate the directory automatically when new faculty or staff are hired. It's hoped that as it grows, the directory will become an integral tool for on-campus communication.