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Staff Activities


No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Hongyan Yuan - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  • Laks Gorrepeti - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

Awards, Recognition, Publications

The following people received Service Recognition Awards at the annual event hosted by the Chancellor to recognize the dedication and continuing service of faculty and staff of the University of North Texas. According to the awards program, the total years of service for the 361 individuals honored is over 4,920 years.

  • Richard Harris, Associate Vice President for Computing & Chief Technology Officer - 40 years of service.
  • Coy Hoggard, Executive Director of Administrative Information Systems - 35 years of service .
  • George Williams, General Data Systems Team Leader - 30 years of service.
  • Sue Ellen Richey, Administrative Services Officer - 20 years of service.
  • Margaret Ambuehl, UNT/HSC Payroll/Personnel Data Systems Team Leader - 15 years of service.
  • Jenny Brooks, Programmer/Analyst, Student Services Data Systems - 15 years of service .
  • Nancy Fisher, Voice Response Applications Team Leader - 15 years of service.
  • Cathy Hardy, Academic Database Administrator, Academic Computing Services - 15 years of service.
  • Barbara Heffley, UNT Fiscal Data Systems Programmer/Analyst - 15 years of service.
  • Robert Jones, Programmer/Analyst EIS Project - 15 years of service.
  • Brenda  Kirk, CITC Network Manager, 15 years of service.
  • Howard Shaw, Student Records Data Systems Programmer - 15 years of service.
  • Dan Strange, Programmer/Analyst UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems - 15 years of service.
  • Linda Wallace, Programmer/Analyst on the Student Records Data Systems Team, 15 years of service.
  • Ron Wang, UNT/HSC Payroll/Personnel Data Systems Programmer/Analyst - 15 years of service.
  • Doug Alders, Computer Equipment Operator - 10 years of service.
  • Blair Copeland, Data Communications Computer Systems Manager - 10 years of service.
  • Maurice Leatherbury, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing - 10 years of service.
  • Rebecca Padia, CITC Administrative Services Officer - 10 years of service.
  • Charlotte Russell, CITC Information Security Coordinator - 10 years of service.
  • Chris Strauss, ACS Support Database Administrator - 10 years of service.
  • Allen Akers, Voice & Web Strategic Applications Programmer/Analyst - 5 years of service.
  • Philip Buhler, Programmer Analyst on the General Data Systems team -  5 years of service.
  • Chris Cofer, UNIX System Administrator, UNIX/VMS Systems - 5 years of service.
  • Daren Dugan, Netware 4.1/NDS Support, Network Operating Systems - 5 years of service.
  • Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager - 5 years of service.
  • Austin Laird, Distance Learning Administrator, Central Web Support, 5 years of service.
  • Sharon McLaughlin, Telecommunications Administrative Assistant, 5 years of service.
  • Rebecca Sue Parton, Student Records Data Systems Programmer - 5 years of service.
  • Mike Shirley, Programmer,  Student Records Data Systems- 5 years of service.
  • Steve Voncelka, Computer Operations Manager, 5 years of service.
  • Alan Wilson, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Programmer/Analyst - 5 years of service.

Mahshid Grooms, Team Manager for Student Services Data Systems, was recognized for 20 years of service to UNT in the December 12, 2003 issue of InHouse@unt.

The following people were recognized as Soaring Eagles in the December 2003/January 2004 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter: They will receive their awards at the President's Staff Lunch on February 24, 2004.

  • Shannon Peevey,  UNT Central Web Support, assisted a staff member/student who needed to vote in the SGA elections.
  • David George, Production Control Scheduler, did a great job in solving a recent copier problem.
  • Jason Myre, Network Computing Services Messaging Support Manager, spent a great amount of time assisting University Communications & Marketing in getting a message out to the campus about Homecoming.

Congratulations to General Access Lab monitors Arvind Srinivasan , Asha Farooq, and Hongyan Yuan on their graduations from UNT this semester.

Student Computing Services Manager, Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner's article "Women and music technology: pioneers, precedents, and issues in the United States" was published in the 2003 volume of the journal "Organised Sound" (Cambridge University Press).

Click HERE for a Holiday message from CITC.