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New Computer-based Training Courses in Digital Imaging and Web Development

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

Several new courses have been added to the SkillSoft Webserver that should prove beneficial for those interested in digital imaging and web development. An entire suite of courses dealing with Adobe tools, FrontPage 2002, Webpage design, and Macromedia products is now available.

Adobe Courses

Adobe courses include training in the following products:

  • Acrobat 5.0
  • GoLive 5.0
  • Freehand 10.0
  • Illustrator 9.0
  • Paintshop Pro 7.0
  • Imageready 3.0
  • Photoshop 6.0.

These applications have been available to UNT faculty, students, and staff on campus through our ongoing contract with Adobe for several years (there is a purchase fee involved; you should see your network manager for details about where these applications are available in your area).

Macromedia Courses

Macromedia application courses include instruction in:

  • Flash 5 and MX
  • Fireworks MX
  • Coldfusion MX
  • Dreamweaver 4 and MX

UNT has all of the Macromedia MX courses available via contract (once again there is a fee and interested parties should contact their network manager).

FrontPage 2002 and more . . .

A large group of courses covering the new FrontPage 2002 have also been added. For complete “newbies” to Web development, several courses providing basic instruction in Web design concepts, simple HTML, and other web tools are now loaded on the server. A complete listing of course titles and descriptions for all these new offerings is given below.

These courses are currently available only via the SkillSoft server. However, within the next two weeks instructional Cd-Roms with the Adobe courses, the Macromedia courses, the FrontPage courses, and the basic Web design concepts will be created and made available. Requests for these CD-ROMs can be emailed to Claudia Lynch in the Computing Center, and she will get the CDs you as soon as they are completed.

SkillSoft Courses

The SkillSoft Website contents located at do not yet reflect these new course offerings but an updated listing of the server contents and available CDs will be prepared in the next few weeks. Users will also notice that some of the older and out-of-date courses have been removed from the server.

Here is a listing of all new SkillSoft courses and a brief description when necessary (remember these courses are listed on the server in alphabetical order):

Adobe Curriculum –

  • Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat
  • Up and Running with Adobe Acrobat 5.0

  • Getting Started with Freehand 10
  • Up and Running with Freehand 10
  • Moving On with Freehand 10

  • Getting Started with GoLive 5
  • Up and Running with GoLive 5
  • Moving On with GoLive 5

  • Getting Started with Illustrator 9.0
  • Up and Running with Illustrator 9.0

  • Getting Started with Paint Shop Pro 7

  • Getting Started with Photoshop 6.0
  • Up and Running with Photoshop 6.0

  • Optimizing File Sizes with Imageready 3

Macromedia Curriculum –

  • Working with Images – introductory course to Fireworks MX
  • Adding Interactive Objects – Fireworks MX
  • Using Fireworks MX with Dreamweaver MX and Flash MX

  • Basic Animation– introductory course to Flash MX
  • Increased Application – Flash MX
  • Objects, Functions, and Components in Flash MX
  • Using Action Scripts in Flash MX

  • Dreamweaver 4 – introductory course to Dreamweaver 4

  • Using Basic Dreamweaver MX Tools – introductory course to Dreamweaver MX
  • Structuring Web Pages – using tables in Dreamweaver MX

  • Flash 5 – introductory course to Flash 5

  • Getting Started with Coldfusion MX – introductory course
  • Data Retrieval and Manipulation - advanced Coldfusion

Basic HTML and Web Design Curriculum:

  • Design Concepts – covers web page design basics
  • HTML Fundamentals – an overview of HTML
  • Advanced HTML Design Elements
  • Advanced Technology Concepts – covers HTML, Javascript, Dynamic HTML, XML, and Java applets

FrontPage 2002 Curriculum:

  • The Basic Features and Functionality of FrontPage 2002 – introductory course
  • Building and Modifying Websites in FrontPage 2002
  • Enhancing and Managing Websites with FrontPage 2002
  • Enhancing and Publishing Websites in FrontPage 2002

These new course offerings should be a great “starting off” point for enhancing job skills, classroom skills, and creative endeavors for the UNT community! Any questions regarding these new courses should be directed to Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, the UNT SkillSoft administrator.