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Get the FactsUNT Fact Book Illustration

Did you know that all sorts of information about UNT is just a mouse-click away? Here is a sample of what is in the "Fact Sheet Fall 2002" entry:

  • Section A -  Fall Enrollment

  • Section B -  Fall Student Admissions

  • Section C -  Fall Semester Credit Hours

  • Section D -  Spring and Summer Enrollment and Semester Credit Hours

  • Section E -  Degrees Conferred (Includes December, May and August Graduations)

  • Section F -  Faculty

  • Section G -  Financial Information

  • Section H -  Library, Staff, and Facilities

  • Section  I -  Academic Degree Program Inventory

  • Section J -  Enrollment By Admit Status

  • Section SC-University System Center

If any of this looks interesting to you, point your browser to and get the facts.