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Staff Activities


More name changes have accompanied our new moniker. CampusWide Networks has a new name. It is now called Network Computing Services (NCS). They have also moved their Website to a new home under a new name - .

New employees:

  • Jasmine Tan, new time programmer on EIS project.

  • Anup Pachlag, new time programmer on EIS project.

  • Larry Benson, I/O Operator, Printing Services, Production Services (part-time).

  • Jeff Saxon,  I/O Operator, Printing Services, Production Services (part-time).

  • Michael Clark, Statistical Consultant, ACS Research and Statistical Services (part-time).

The following people no longer work in the Computing Center:

  • Garvii Thomas, Statistical Consultant, ACS Research and Statistical Services (part-time).

  • Randy Franek, Programmer/Analyst Database/Central Programming Support, retired.

  • Matinka Dobreva,  ACS General Access Lab monitor (part-time).

  • Blake Broyles, ACS Checkin developer, moved to a full time Computer Systems Manager position with the UNT Library Systems.

  • Yinghua Wang,  ACS General Access Lab monitor (part-time).

  • Eric Weiss,  Microcomputer Consultant, Helpdesk, ACS (part-time).

Awards, Recognition, Publications

The following people were recognized for their years of service to UNT in the June 6, 2003 issue of InHouse@unt and/or on their Website :

  • Coy Hoggard, Executive Director of Administrative Information Systems - 35 years of service .
  • Sue Ellen Richey, Administrative Services Officer - 20 years of service.
  • Rebecca Sue Parton, Student Records Data Systems Programmer - 5 years of service.
  • Alan Wilson, UNT/HSC Fiscal Data Systems Programmer/Analyst - 5 years of service.

Congratulations to Mitch Smith,  Computer Support Specialist, Administrative Computing, EIS Project, and his wife, Maggie, just had twin boys, Blake and Bryan. Mitch began working for the EIS Project in April.

As we reported last month, Student Computing Services Manager, Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner's commissioned work, Finish Line, for video, electronics, trumpet, and organ was featured at the International Trumpet Guild annual conference May 22 at Texas Christian University. A review of the piece and photo (captioned Ventus Musicus) are available here:

Finish Line will also be performed by the Mid-American Contemporary Music Ensemble at Bowling Green State University, Ohio in July at the Feminist Theory and Music annual conference where she will also present the paper, "Hear Me Now: the implication and significance of the female composer's voice as sound source in her electroacoustic music".

EIS News and Events

Check out the EIS Homepage for news and other information regarding the EIS Project. PeopleSoft's response to Oracle's hostile bid is an item you might find interesting.