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Campus Computing News

What's in a Name? 

The Computing Center Name Change

By Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Senior Director of Academic Computing

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

-Romeo and Juliet. Act ii. Sc. 2.

The  name "Computing Center" at UNT is a venerable one, dating back to at least 1969*, so it should come as no surprise that like the University itself, the Computing Center has seen fit to change its name - we're now the "Computing and Information Technology Center." Several convergent factors led us to adopt the new name:

  • "Information Technology" has become the most widely-used term in academic institutions as well as in the corporate world to refer to the organization on campus that provides computing and communications services of various types. Here's some regional examples:
  • About three years ago, the Computing Center assumed responsibility for the telecommunications department on campus, the department that provides voice communication via the phone system on campus. The term "computing center" didn't reflect that new responsibility.
  • Anticipating a move of the Computing Center to the Research Park, we wanted a new name to identify our new location as well as our modern mission and role on campus. While it will be some time before funds can be found to effect a relocation of the CITC, the new name does better define our scope and responsibility.

The Computing and Information Technology Center name is effective immediately, so when you call us you'll hear that name in the greeting of the person who answers the phone (although in all honesty it'll take some time before we're used to "CITC" instead of "Computing Center." We've changed our logo and our Web site to reflect the new name and will be working to identify and change all the references to the "Computing Center" on UNT's Web site over the next several months.

Concomitant with the organization's name change are changes to the titles of the senior managers and some middle managers of the CITC. Those changes are:

New Title Old Title Person in the Position
Associate Vice President for Computing and Chief Technology Officer Associate Vice President for Computing and Communications Services Richard Harris
Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing Senior Director of Academic Computing and Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Computing and Communications Services Maurice Leathebury
Executive Director of Administrative Information Systems Senior Director of Administrative Computing Coy Hoggard
Director of Enterprise Systems Technical Services Director of Mainframe Technical Services Steve Minnis
Director of Communications Services Director of Network and Communications Services Joe Adamo
Manager of Network Computing Services Campus-wide Network Systems Manager Allen Bradley

So with apologies to Will Shakespeare, I'll close with this adaptation:

"What's in a name? That which we call a computing center
By any other name would process information as sweet."

* A little Computing Center History:

  • 1964 -- IBM 1440 purchased to perform administrative data processing. Richard Harris appointed Director of Computer Systems. Jerry Waldon appointed Associate Director of Academic Computing and Coy Hoggard hired to be Associate Director of Data Processing. Harris, Hoggard and the IBM 1440 were housed in the basement of the Administration Building.
  • 1969 -- Computing personnel consisted of Richard Harris, Director of Computer Systems; Jerry Waldon, Associate Director of Academic Computing, who supervised one secretary/data entry operator and several part time people; Coy Hoggard, Associate Director of Data Processing, who supervised one programmer/analyst, one programmer, one computer operator, one keypunch supervisor, and three keypunch operators. The total operating budget for the Computing Center was $163,738.