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RSS Matters

Link to the last RSS article here: Resampling Based Statistics in S-Plus for Windows: An Example Using the MANOVA Procedure - Ed.

Speaking of Stata

By Patrick McLeod, Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant

Hello! My name is Patrick McLeod. I’m the newest addition to the UNT Computing Center’s Research and Statistical Support group. This article is intended to give someone who is interested in learning more about Stata an introduction to the latest version of Stata (Stata 8), how to sign up for the Stata listserv, and some information on Stata Corp.

Stata 7 versus Stata 8: Having Your Cake and Eating It, Too

There are several routine improvements of Stata 8 over Stata 7, but the big news is the addition of a GUI interface to Stata 8. This marks the first time a version of Stata adds an interface other than the traditional Stata command line.

Purists, fear not! The command line is intact and functional as always (and, in my estimation, still the best way of doing things), but the GUI interface does offer a quantum leap in functionality for employing Stata as a teaching tool in undergraduate classes and for “quick and dirty” analyses where the researcher does not want write lines of code to generate a basic result.

Statalist: The Best Resource for Cutting Edge Intelligence

Visiting the link above will provide you with all the information you need to subscribe to the incredibly active and informative Stata listserv. The listserv is hosted by Marcello Pagano at Harvard University and is a very valuable source of information on both Stata and user-authored Stata routines.

Subscribing to the Stata listserv is free. For those who either check their email infrequently or do not like high-volume email

Stata at UNT: Who To Ask

If you have any questions about Stata, please contact me at or at 565-4066. I am located in ISB 124. I am always interested in hearing of new Stata users or existing Stata users here at UNT, so send me an email or call me and let me know what Stata is doing for you!

Stata Corp: The Company Behind Everyone’s Best Friend

Stata Corporation is headquartered in College Station, Texas. Stata was founded by a group of biology, economics, and statistics professors from Texas A&M and has resided in College Station since its inception. Contact information can be found here:

Summer Training Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research

The Summer Training Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research,
sponsored by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social
Research (ICPSR), serves Consortium member colleges and universities by
offering a comprehensive, integrated program of studies in research
design, statistics, data analysis, and social methodology. In general,
emphasis is focused on those courses and subjects that are not normally
integral parts of the curricula of member institutions. This is not
because the courses are of limited importance but because most colleges
and universities find that it is not practical to support the sort of
specialized offerings that form the core of the Summer Training
Program's curriculum.

The Program's instructional environment differs from that of all but a
few statistics departments in at least two important respects:

* Methods of quantitative analysis are studied within the broader
context of substantive social science research.

* Instruction is coordinated with and reinforced by active,
participatory data-analytic experiences.

The Summer Training Program schedule is partitioned into two four-week
sessions, with instruction organized in lecture, seminar, and workshop
formats. In addition, the curriculum includes special workshops that
provide participants with opportunities to examine the impact of various
methodologies on specific substantive issues. Research scholars who have
made important contributions to the development of social methodology
present informal lectures focusing on their most recent research
interests. Finally, workshops that address the practical objectives of
providing technical support for computing specialists and data
librarians are also offered.

If you are interested in the program, please contact the ICPSR Official
Representative for UNT, Patrick Brandt ( ). In addition,
the Summer Program makes available a limited set of money for UNT
attendees to travel to the program.

For more information, see