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IRC News

Minutes provided by Sue Ellen Richey, Recording Secretary

Committee Graphic

IRC Regular and Ex-officio Voting Members: Judith Adkison, College of Education; Donna Asher, Administrative Affairs; Lou Ann Bradley, Communications Planning Group; John Castledine, Graduate Student Council; Cengiz Capan, College of Business and GALC; Bobby Carter, UNT Health Science Center; Christy Crutsinger, Faculty Senate; Jim Curry, Academic Administration; Chuck Fuller, Finance and Business Affairs;  Don Grose, Libraries and University Planning Council; Joneel Harris, EIS Planning Group; Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Planning Group; Bruce Hunter, College of Arts and Sciences; Max Kazemzadeh, School of Visual Arts;  Abraham John, Student Development; Jenny Jopling, Instruction Planning Group; Armin Mikler, Research Planning Group; Kenn Moffitt, Standards and Cooperation Program Group; Ramu Muthiah, School of Community Services; Jon Nelson, College of Music; Robert Nimocks, Director, Information Technology, UNTHSC; John Price, UNT System Center; Kathy Swigger, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences: Philip Turner, School of Library and Information Science and University Planning Council (Chair, IRC); VACANT,  Student Government Association; VACANT, Staff Council; VACANT, University Planning Council; VACANT, Chancellor, for Planning;  IRC Ex-officio Nonvoting Members: Joe Adamo, Computing and Information Technology Center /Telecommunications; Jim Curry, Microcomputer Maintenance and Classroom Support Services; Richard Harris, Computing and Information Technology Center and University Planning Council; Coy Hoggard, Computing and Information Technology Center /Administrative; Scott Krejci, GALMAC; Maurice Leatherbury, Computing and Information Technology Center /Academic; Doug Mains, UNT Health Science Center; Patrick Pluscht, Center for Distributed Learning; Sue Ellen Richey, Computing and Information Technology Center  (Recording Secretary) .

October 21, 2003


Christy Crutsinger moved for approval of the minutes of the September 23, 2003 meeting; Jon Nelson seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved as distributed.

Communications Planning Group 

Lou Ann Bradley presented the Network Connections Policy for the Communications Planning Group, and asked for questions.  Kathy Swigger asked if visitors to campus would have to get permission before connecting to the wireless network.  Richard Harris responded by saying that there is a plan in progress to provide easy temporary access.  Maurice responded that all access to the wireless network is through authentication through the LDAP directory.   The CITC is working on getting that directory set up so that access can be granted to network managers who could then add people quickly and then remove them when that person no longer needs the connection point.  Abraham John asked if devices that are already attached to the network will be grandfathered into the policy.  Lou Ann replied that if something is already connected to the network and is not causing a problem, then it is OK.

The Chair called for a vote, and the Network Connections Policy was unanimously approved by the Council.

Standards and Policy Planning Group 

Kenn Moffitt presented the Group E-mail Guidelines for the Standards and Policy Planning Group, and asked for discussion.  Kenn distributed revised copies of the document that was presented at the last IRC meeting.  There was some discussion of Item 4.c. regarding multiple event announcements, following which it was agreed that the item would be changed to read:

4.c.  “More than one announcement and one reminder for a single event – the Marketing and Communications Department maintains a campus calendar on UNT’s Web site ( to which anyone can post and publicize an event.”

The Chair called for a vote, and the Group E-mail Guidelines document was unanimously approved with the change.

IR Steering Committee

Richard Harris reported that the IR Steering Committee meeting was held but no IRC issues were on the table.  Dr. Turner did report the distance learning statistics at that meeting.

Distributed Computing Support Management Team 

Maurice Leatherbury reported for the Distributed Computing Support Management Team that Cathy Gonzalez had attended their last meeting and briefed the committee on support issues for the EIS project.  Cathy told the group that there is a process in place to provide end users help in using EIS when it gets rolled out.  In addition, Maurice reported that training documents for new computer support staff are being developed and the Patch Management committee is looking at new products as a solution for this issue but find that there are no easy or inexpensive solutions.

Maurice also reported that a representative from Microsoft attended the last meeting to speak with them about new products, and their new patch management system.  The representative announced that Microsoft is planning to change to a “once-per-month” update schedule.

Communications Planning Group  

Maurice Leatherbury reported for the Communications Planning Group that the Research Park will soon have 12 fiber pairs out to the Research Park.

EIS Planning Group 

Joneel Harris reported for the EIS Planning Group that the Admissions module went live at the end of September and that implementation went smoothly. At the same time, the Contributor Relations module went live at the Health Science Center, which also went well. Contributor Relations is scheduled to go live at the Denton campus on November 18th.  Joneel reported that the Financial module implementation is still a struggle; they have been focused on system performance and response time issues.  They had been trying to avoid applying software fixes and patches for this module, but now believe that some of those fixes and patches may solve some of the problems so are going ahead with that software upgrade.

Joneel also reported that they are considering having a PeopleSoft architect come in and take a look at the hardware and software configurations to be sure they haven’t overlooked anything in their planning in that regard.  In addition, they are developing the go-live schedule for Human Resources, and are beginning to plan the go-live schedule for the Student module which is targeted for April 1st.

Cengiz Capan commented on the importance of system monitoring of the EIS system and asked if that was a priority for the EIS Planning Group.  Joneel replied that they are making plans for system monitoring to facilitate quick problem notification and trouble-shooting.

Student Computing Planning Group 

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner reported for the Student Computing Planning Group that they have completed the student survey and have tested it to be sure it doesn’t take too long to complete.

Distance Learning Team

Patrick Pluscht reported for the Distance Learning Team that the new eCampus distributed learning program will be launched October 31st, and Patrick distributed a flyer about it. replaces and when fully populated will provide complete information regarding all web-based and videoconference course and program listings at UNT.

Other Business

Maurice Leatherbury stated that UNT is involved in getting a state-wide fiber optic network established, with 21 or 22 higher education institutions pledging $20,000 per year to get an organization established to manage this optical network.  He stated that it will take $9 million dollars to establish the network and that some of that funding will come from the savings of some institutions who will be able to drop their leased lines.  An executive committee will most likely be formed to manage this network and for their $20,000 annual contribution, each member will get one vote on the committee. At this time, the executive committee is trying to get the Governor to release $7.5 million dollars to use as startup funds.

Maurice also reported that Texas will join the National Lambda Rail, which will be a ultra high-speed fiber optic network, will also be owned by universities through pledges from participating states or institutions of $5 million dollars each.  For UNT, this will probably mean a $9 - $16 thousand dollar contribution per year.

Richard stated that the President and Chancellor have been briefed on both projects and it has been decided that the UNT System will join, which will secure a place on the governing board of the Texas network for the UNT System.  The President authorized the first year’s membership from reserve funds and agreed that HSC would not have to contribute this first year and that future years would be based on a percentage of research expenditures.

Richard Harris also reported that he had attended an Information Technology Council for Higher Education meeting.  This organization , known as ITCHE, was established by the last state legislature and will have representation from each system in the state plus a representative from the other state institutions that are not systems.  The group has met three times and is charged with review of the Department of Information Resources rules and procedures as they apply to higher education.  The group will first look at security rules and web publishing policies.

Patrick Pluscht asked how the National Lambda Rail would interconnect with Internet2.  Richard explained that the Internet2 group did join in the establishment of the NLR and contributed a considerable amount of money, so Internet2 won’t be in competition with the NLR but will be working with it.  It is possible that Internet2 may be transferred to the NLR network sometime in the future. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

IRC Meeting Schedule

The IRC generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month, from 2-4 p.m., in the Administration Building Board Room. From time to time there are planned exceptions to this schedule. All meetings of the IRC, its program groups, and other committees, are open to all faculty, staff, and students.