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Computing Outage Notification Mailing List Now Available

By Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing

CITC staff have created an automated mailing list which will help keep on-campus computing support staff apprized of any expected or unexpected information technology outages. For quite some time, we have maintained a web-based view of Campus-wide System Outages. The newly created mailing list will provide quick notification of similar cases via an E-mail message.

The outage notification service is based on information reported via the Remedy helpdesk system used by many IT support areas on campus. Any Remedy Help Desk Cases or Change Requests with a Critical Urgency of “Campuswide System Down,” “20+ People out of service,” or “Critical Security issue," can, upon request, generate a notice that will be sent to the campus-wide system outages mailing list.

Anyone subscribed to the list will receive a brief description of any outages as well as a URL linking to the actual Remedy case which documents the outage. Only those in the Remedy support group (network managers, etc.) will be able to see the full details of the case. When an incident is resolved or downgraded, a message to that effect is sent to the outages mailing list.

A tool for those who manage IT environments

This mailing list service is intended as a tool for those who manage IT environments on the UNT Denton Campus. While subscription is open to any address, it is not intended as an information service for the general UNT community. The information provided will be most meaningful to those who are familiar with UNT computing and networking services.

You can SUBSCRIBE to the Campus-wide System Outage mailing list by sending
mail to with the following command as the body of the
message (no subject is necessary),

SUBSCRIBE unt-cso your_first_name your_last_name

Note that this mailing list is only open for automatic subscription by addresses in the domain. If you wish to add an external address, such as a commercial text pager address, send an E-mail message to and provide your name and pager E-mail address.

More detailed information about the unt-cso list can be found via a PDF document found on the Remedy Website . Any questions about this service can be directed to Dr. Philip Baczewski, Associate Director of Academic Computing.