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Campus Computing News

Eaglenet Wireless Networking Comes to UNT

By Joe Adamo, Director of Communications Services

Over the summer, the Datacom group, part of the Computing and Information Technology Center, was busy installing the Eaglenet Wireless Network on the UNT campus. So far the Union, the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC), the General Academics Building (GAB), the Information Science Building (ISB) and the Gateway Center have been brought ‘on-line’ and are ready to use. By the end of September, the Willis Library, Mathews Halls and the new Rec Sports Center will be added to the network, with Research Park, Wooten Hall and the Administration Building being added to Eaglenet in October.

Be sure to check the wireless Webpage -- --  for the latest information about Eaglenet at UNT. Eaglenet is available to all students, faculty and staff that have a current EUID and password and a laptop or wireless device equipped with an 802.11b wireless interface card. Eaglenet will connect you directly to the web and give you access to any web based applications.

How do I get access to Eaglenet?

To access and use Eaglenet, simply configure your wireless card with “Eaglenet” as the SSID, turn off WEP encryption and connect to the network. Once you’ve established a wireless connection to Eaglenet, open a web browser and you’ll be directed to the Eaglenet logon page. At this point enter your EUID and password and you’re on your way to surfing the web.

Additional Help?

If you need a little more help accessing Eaglenet,  information on various wireless cards that will work with Eaglenet and information on how to configure your laptop or wireless device to work with Eaglenet is available from the Eaglenet wireless Webpage. Also on that path is a link to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Eaglenet and how it performs, and a map that shows where Eaglenet is available.