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IRC News

Minutes provided by Sue Ellen Richey, Recording Secretary

Committee Graphic

IRC Regular and Ex-officio Voting Members: Judith Adkison, College of Education; Donna Asher, Administrative Affairs; Craig Berry, School of Visual Arts; Lou Ann Bradley, Communications Planning Group; Cengiz Capan, College of Business and GALC; Bobby Carter, UNT Health Science Center; Matt Creel, Student Government Association; Christy Crutsinger, Faculty Senate; Jim Curry, Academic Administration; Don Grose, Libraries and University Planning Council; Joneel Harris, EIS Planning Group; Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Planning Group; Tom Jacob, College of Arts and Sciences; Abraham John, Student Development; Jenny Jopling, Instruction Planning Group; Armin Mikler, Research Planning Group; Kenn Moffitt, Standards and Cooperation Program Group; Ramu Muthiah, School of Community Services; Jon Nelson, College of Music; Robert Nimocks, Director, Information Technology, UNTHSC; John Price, UNT System Center; Philip Turner, School of Library and Information Science and University Planning Council (Chair, IRC); VACANT, Graduate Student Council; VACANT, Staff Council; VACANT, University Planning Council; Virginia Wheeless, Chancellor, for Planning; Carolyn Whitlock, Finance and Business Affairs;  IRC Ex-officio Nonvoting Members: Jim Curry, Microcomputer Maintenance and Classroom Support Services; Richard Harris, Computing Center and University Planning Council; Coy Hoggard, Computing Center/Administrative; Judy Hunter, GALMAC; Maurice Leatherbury, Computing Center/Academic; Doug Mains, UNT Health Science Center; Patrick Pluscht, Center for Distributed Learning; Sue Ellen Richey, Computing Center (Recording Secretary); Ken Sedgley, Telecommunications.

There was no IRC meeting in August.

IRC Meeting Schedule

The IRC generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month, from 2-4 p.m., in the Administration Building Board Room. From time to time there are planned exceptions to this schedule. All meetings of the IRC, its program groups, and other committees, are open to all faculty, staff, and students.