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SkillSoft Update: New Solaris 9 Training and Forthcoming System Updates

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

New Solaris 9 training has been added to the SkillSoft server table of contents and is also available on CD-ROM. This new training is more thorough than the previous Solaris 8 offerings and consists of the following course titles:

  • Advanced Installation
  • Networking with Solaris
  • Solaris File Systems and Storage
  • Solaris Naming Services
  • Supervising Solaris Systems

Major Changes in the Works

The SkillSoft system will be undergoing a major overhaul and upgrade during the fourth quarter of this year. This will not interrupt CBT service, however, as the upgraded system is being installed on new servers. Once implemented the new SkillSoft interface will not resemble the old SmartForce Campus service at all; it is designed for easier use and more effective student tracking and record keeping. Like the older SmartForce Campus system, the new SkillSoft service will work best with Internet Explorer.

New accounts are currently not being automatically added to the old system. Our enterprise has actually become too large to be managed effectively on one server and our new system will consist of separate servers for the user account database and the web interface and course content. New students, staff, and faculty who may not be in the SkillSoft system can request an account with the SkillSoft administrator and she will create your account immediately. Our user base has grown by almost 10,000 folks since the server was brought up a little over two years ago and it is definitely time for a "power facelift" for the system.

Please Note

A few things to note when using SkillSoft e-learning solutions either from the Website or via CD-ROM: the newer courses (Adobe, Macromedia, and Solaris 9 training) are intolerant of any installed browsers except Internet Explorer. This means that persons who have installed Netscape 7.x or Mozilla will find that elearning will not activate on their machines (even if you just have the software installed - not opened!). This annoying anomaly is just one more reason why the SkillSoft administrator will be soooo happy to bring up the new system! In the meantime please contact Claudia Lynch for the new Solaris 9 training CD and other CD-ROM materials. All technical questions regarding the SkillSoft system should be directed to Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner.