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By Jason Gutierrez, Campus Wide Networks

GroupWise 6.0/6.5 Tip

Adding a signature to your GroupWise message.

GroupWise allows you to automatically end your messages with a signature. A signature is a block of text that usually contains your contact information. For example, if you scroll to the bottom of this email you will see that I have ended this message with my signature.

There are several reasons for adding a signature to your E-mail, one of which is to comply with the newly issued Group Email Guidelines. Guideline #6 reads:

"Anyone sending a message to large groups of GroupWise recipients should include his/her e-mail address, phone number, and departmental affiliation in the message so that recipients can easily identify the sender." - Guideline #6

To create a signature in GroupWise:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options.
  2. Double-click the Environment icon.
  3. Select the Signature tab.
  4. Create your personal signature and click OK to save.

GroupWise signature creation screen

GroupWise SPAM class materials

To those of you who attended the recent class I offered on SPAM, thank you for making the first outing of this class a success. For those of you who were unable to participate in this class, it will be offered again. Until then, I have made the class materials available online in PDF format (Acrobat) at

More GroupWise Information

If you are interested in this and other GroupWise topics, visit our Website at There is a "Quick Info" box on the page that will alert you to new topics that have been posted as well as other important information.