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Campus Computing News

UNT's Group E-Mail Guidelines Revised

By Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Executive Director of Information Technology and Academic Computing

The Information Resource Council and the Vice Presidents have approved a revision to UNT's Group E-Mail Guidelines, guidelines that provide guidance to those who use GroupWise's "UNT GW Directory" list to broadcast messages to the whole campus. The new guidelines can be found at

These guidelines request that you be very sparing about sending mail to the campus at large. Many people consider such messages to be "spam." Messages sent to everyone should be of sufficient general interest to the UNT community that you'd send them as printed memoranda if E-mail wasn't available.


  • Don't send personal messages to the everyone list. Messages about lost items or car lights left on are better handled by the lost and found desk in the Union or by the campus police.
  • Don't send multiple E-mails for the same event - post them on the UNT Events Calendar instead.
  • Students (unless they're also employees) aren't on GroupWise so don't send messages to the UNT GW Directory list that are of interest only to students.
  • Sign your messages with your name, E-mail address, phone number, and department.

You can filter everyone messages (to put them in a special folder, or to automatically delete them, for example) within GroupWise. Instructions on how to do that can be found at

Please adhere to these guidelines when sending messages to the "everyone" list.