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Checkin 4.0 adds new monthly statistics chart to its reporting features

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

Nick Wagner, Checkin 4.0 programmer until just recently, created a monthly statistics chart for Checkin 4.0 in response to requests by lab managers for such a feature. The new reporting tool is easy-to-use by all Checkin administrators. Simply choose View Monthly Statistics from the left-hand menu on the administrator's lab screen:

view of statistics menu

Select the month and year you wish to view:

choosing the month and year

The report that is returned can be saved as an HTML page for printing or posting elsewhere:

the resulting report

Statistics for individual workstations and peripherals are included - an especially helpful feature for checking usage of high dollar items for future budgetary decisions:

workstation usage statistics

Nick graduated and the new Checkin Developer is John Leidel - a doctoral student in Computer Science. Several Checkin tasks and changes are on the horizon including the reconfiguration and migration of the Checkin servers, more reporting features, and the development of the room reservation module. If you have any questions about Checkin 4.0 please send e-mail to

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