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Unblocking Pop-ups on Windows XP, Service Pack 2

By Glenn Thorpe, Information Security Intern

Several University of North Texas online applications, such as EagleMail, WebCT, the portal, and Remedy, require pop-up windows to function properly.  Service Pack 2, "Microsoft's response to many of the security woes that have plagued the company's flagship operating system, Web browser, and e-mail client," has a built in pop-up blocker enabled by default after installation. Therefore to maintain functionality of these online applications, you will have to add a rule to allow all pop-ups from all UNT websites. 


To change Pop-up Blocker settings


Open Internet Explorer.


On the Tools menu, point to Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings.

UNT homepage screen shot


To add UNT to the allowed sites:
1. Under Address of Web site to allow, type http://* 
2. Click Add
3. Click Close

Pop-up blocker settings screenshot

UNT CITC Information Security

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