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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • John Paul (J.P.) Williams, Computer Support Specialist in Central Web Support.

  • Vicki Epting, University Information Operator.

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Melissa Glossup, I/O Operator, Printing Services, MTS (part-time).

  • David Ross, I/O Operator, Printing Services, MTS (part-time).

  • Patrick Dolan, Information Security Intern, Information Security (team), CCA  (part-time).

  • Mike Williams, Computer Support Specialist, Network Computing Services.

  • Dennis Scroggins, Program/Project Specialist, EIS Project.


  • Irene Valdez transferred from Computer Operations to EIS Training/Computing Administration.

  • Rhonda Holmes has transferred from a part-time position in EIS Training/Computing Administration to a full-time position in CITC Administrative Services.

Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

Richard Harris, Associate Vice President for Computing and Chief Technology Officer, was named the IT Executive of the Year for the Dallas-Ft. Worth area by the Society for Information Management on December 13, 2004. According to the Society's press release, "this is one of the most prestigious awards for an IT Executive in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area. It recognizes those individuals who have: (1) used IT to significantly improve the competitive advantage of their organizations; (2) demonstrated how they have used IT to significantly improve their organizations efficiency and effectiveness; and, finally, (3) demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skills within the IT professional community."

Star Performers

Chris Strauss, ACS Support Database Administrator, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager, Sandy Burke, Manager, Support Services Help Desk, and Sue Ellen Richey, Administrative Services, have been recognized as Star Performers and were honored at the President's Sack Lunch on October 26, 2004.

Soaring Eagles

  • Eric Duchemin,  EIS Project Team Leader, was recognized in the October, 2004 Human Resources Newsletter for his taking the time to teach seminars to computer operators to help them in their work. Jason Myre, Network Computing Services Messaging Support Manager, was recognized in that same issue for his help in resolving an e-mail account problem for a staff member. Gary Primeaux and Larry Vick, both Telecommunications employees, were also recognized for their speedy transfer of phone lines the week before school started. Larry Vick was also praised for "taking customer service to another level." Similarly, Dan Strange, UNT Fiscal Data Systems Manager, was praised for giving up his spare time to work on EIS implementation issues.

  • Employees honored as Soaring Eagles in the December 2004/January 2005 Human Resources Newsletter were Sharon McLaughlin, Jason McMullen, Gary Primeaux and Larry Vick, who all work in Telecommunications. Sharon McLaughlin was thanked for her assistance with telephone number issues during recent office changes in COBA. Jason McMullen was praised for providing extra personal service by picking up pagers that needed to be replaced. Gary Primeaux went out of his way to fix a misprinted telephone number, even though it required a lot of extra work.  Larry Vick, was also thanked for his assistance to COBA when their many line and number changes caused a problem with their fax machine, which he fixed.




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