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Check Out the CBT Website for all Your Online Training Needs

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skillsoft and knowledgenet logos with question marks

Check Out the CBT Website for all Your Online Training Needs

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

Our CBT Website - has been completely updated to showcase online training solutions for faculty, staff, and students at UNT. Also provided is a direct link to the CBT Login Page. Please note that on the homepage of the Website are links to all the tutorials for using Microsoft e-learning, SkillPort, and KnowledgeNet.

screen shot of the cbt homepage
The CBT Homepage with links to software tutorials and the CBT Login Page

Update on KnowledgeNet Login procedures

My brilliant supervisor Dr. Philip Baczewski (brown nose...brown nose...) devised a workaround so that now clicking on the "Login to KnowledgeNet" button now takes you directly to the KnowledgeNet training (it now works like the SkillPort login). So, you no longer need to contact me for temporary login passwords to KnowledgeNet - the login is now seamless. Thanks Philip!

example of Knowledgenet login button

Remember, SkillPort provides all university training for Adobe and Macromedia products as well as lessons in Linux and UNIX administration and Oracle database structures and applications. KnowledgeNet provides training in all Microsoft operating system and Office products. If you have questions or comments about computer-based training at UNT, please email me at