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IRC Members

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IRC Regular and Ex-officio Voting Members:

  • Judith Adkison, College of Education
  • Donna Asher, Administrative Affairs
  • Lou Ann Bradley, Communications Planning Group
  • Cengiz Capan, College of Business and GALC
  • Bobby Carter, UNT Health Science Center
  • Christy Crutsinger, Faculty Senate
  • Jim Curry, Academic Administration
  • Chuck Fuller, Finance and Business Affairs
  • Don Grose, Libraries and University Planning Council
  • Joneel Harris, EIS Planning Group
  • Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Planning Group
  • Bruce Hunter, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Max Kazemzadeh, School of Visual Arts
  • Abraham John, Student Development
  • Jenny Jopling, Instruction Planning Group
  • Armin Mikler, Research Planning Group
  • Kenn Moffitt, Standards and Cooperation Program Group
  • Ramu Muthiah, School of Community Services
  • Jon Nelson, College of Music
  • Robert Nimocks, Director, Information Technology, UNT HSC
  • John Price, UNT System Center
  • Erum Shaikh, Graduate Student Council
  • Kathy Swigger, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • Philip Turner, School of Library and Information Science and University Planning Council (Chair, IRC)
  • VACANT,  Student Government Association
  • VACANT, Staff Council
  • VACANT, University Planning Council
  • VACANT, Chancellor, for Planning 

IRC Ex-officio Nonvoting Members:

  • Joe Adamo, Computing and Information Technology Center /Telecommunications
  • Jim Curry, Microcomputer Maintenance and Classroom Support Services
  • Richard Harris, Computing and Information Technology Center and University Planning Council
  • Coy Hoggard, Computing and Information Technology Center /Administrative
  • Scott Krejci, GALMAC
  • Maurice Leatherbury, Computing and Information Technology Center /Academic
  • Doug Mains, UNT Health Science Center
  • Patrick Pluscht, Center for Distributed Learning
  • Sue Ellen Richey, Computing and Information Technology Center  (Recording Secretary) 


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