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 Research and Statistical Support - University of North Texas

RSS Matters

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Installing SAS 9.1 From A 4-Disc CD Archive

By Patrick McLeod, ACS Research Consultant

After several years of supporting SAS 8.2 for the University of North Texas computing and research community, Academic Computing Services Research and Statistical Support is in the process of rolling out the latest SAS product, SAS 9.1, for use by the faculty, staff, and students of UNT. While much of SAS 9.1’s look and feel is identical to SAS 8.2 and prior versions of SAS, the number of discs that it is necessary to install in order to have a properly functioning SAS installation are now 7 in total. For efficiency’s sake, Academic Computing Services Research and Statistical Support has created a 4-disc executable archive of SAS 9.1 for purchase by students at the UNT Union Bookstore.

Executable Archiving

The WinZip utility allows a user to create executable compressed archives from standard file systems. This archiving capability allows users to save their compressed files in a format that does not require WinZip or any other compressing utility to open and “un-zip” or otherwise decompress the files to a directory on a computer.

Step-by-Step Installation

Installation Instructions for Student Version of SAS 9

UNT Academic Computing Services Research and Statistical Support, June 2004

940-565-4066 and 940-565-2140

Before you begin: To install SAS 9 from this four disc set, you will need approximately 2.07 GB of temporary space on your hard drive and 1.0 GB of space for the installed SAS 9 on your hard drive. This CD set is for computers running Windows 2000 and Windows XP only; you may try to install this with older versions of Windows, but you may encounter compatibility issues that will prevent you from using the software. Both Win2000 and WinXP MUST BE UPDATED with the most current Service Pack releases in order for SAS to install properly. The minimum hardware requirements for running SAS 9 on Win2000 or WinXP machines is a Pentium II (or comparable AMD) processor and 128 MB of RAM. If you are on a machine with multiple user accounts, you will most likely need Administrator privileges to install SAS 9. Do not attempt to install SAS 9 without administrator privileges as it will not work.

The student version of SAS 9 you have purchased will operate until the expiration date in the SAS license. The current expiration date for your student version of SAS 9 is October 31, 2004. In order to continue using SAS 9 after that date, you will need to purchase a new copy.

The executable files contained on these CDs will copy all the relevant SAS files and folders to your C:\temp directory from where you will install SAS 9 on your computer. If you do not have 1.5 GB of space on your hard drive, you will need the full 6 disc SAS CD set. If you bring your receipt from the UNT Bookstore showing your proof of purchase of the 4 disc set along with the 4 disc set to ISB Rm. 122 or ISB Rm. 124 to Dr. Richard Herrington, Mike Clark, or Patrick McLeod, we will provide you with the 6 disc set in exchange for your 4 disc set. YOU MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF PURCHASE FOR THIS EXCHANGE!

Installing SAS 9 from the 4 CD Set:

1.                    Place the SAS CD “Disc 1” in your computer’s CD-ROM drive. After it has spun up, open your CD-ROM drive by double-clicking on “My Computer” on your Desktop and then double-clicking on your CD-ROM drive (typically this is drive D:\).


2.                    Double-click on the file disc1.exe. You will be prompted to provide a location for the files contained on the CDs to be unzipped to. The default is C:\temp which is the correct location. If you are provided with a location other than C:\temp, change this to C:\temp.


3.                    After you disc1.exe has unzipped its contents to your temp directory, repeat the same procedures in #1 and #2 with Discs 2, 3, and 4. Each .exe file will be named according to the disc it is on (so for Disc 2, you would follow all directions for Disc 1 in #1 and #2 replacing Disc 2 wherever it reads Disc 1 above).  This step make take some time; closing all other active programs will possibly make this step run faster.


4.                    After you have run ALL 4 EXECUTABLE FILES FROM ALL 4 DISCS, you will need to go into your C:\temp directory. Double click on “My Computer” then double click on your C:\ drive. Double click on the temp folder. In that folder you should see the following folders: SAS V9.1 TS1M2 M, Software Disk 1, Software Disk 2, Software Disk 3, Software Disk 4, SAS Shared Compo, and SAS SECURE.


5.                    Double click on the folder SAS V9.1 TS1M2 M. When this folder is open, you should see a file named setup.exe. Before you double click on this file you should make sure that all other programs are closed as they may interfere with SAS 9’s installation if they are open. Once you have closed down any other open programs, then double click on setup.exe and SAS 9 will begin installation. You only need to utilize two of the steps under the End User Steps and none of the steps under the Administrator steps. The two key steps of the installation process are #3, Verify System Requirements, and #4 Install SAS 9.1 Foundation. BEFORE YOU BEGIN INSTALLING SAS 9, RUN THE VERIFY SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS WIZARD! After running the verify system requirements wizard, progress to Install SAS 9.1 Foundation.

Picture 1: You should see the SAS 9.1 Foundation for Windows Software Installation Screen after double-clicking on the setup.exe file mentioned in 5. above. You will need to select both #3 (Verify System Requirements) and #4 (Install SAS 9.1 Foundation) from the End User Steps menu.

6.                  Once you have begun #4, Install SAS 9.1 Foundation, you will be prompted to choose either retrieve installation data from the internet or for a file containing installation data. You MUST choose the FILE option. In the file path box on the next screen, you want to type in the following path:

C:\temp\SAS V9.1 TS1M2 M\SAS Installation Data\sas91_857918.txt

And click the NEXT button to continue with the installation. When you are prompted for SAS the different folders (referred to as “discs” during the install), browse your C:\temp directory for the appropriate folder and select it.

7.                When SAS prompts you for different disks during the installation process, re-direct SAS to the appropriate disk folder in your C:\temp directory. At the end of the SAS 9.1 Foundation Installation process, SAS will ask for a disk called “Setup.” While the individual disk in the 7 disk set is labeled Setup, the actual disk as unpacked from the executable archive is the folder C:\temp\SAS V9.1 TS1M2 M. When SAS asks for the Setup disk, re-direct SAS to this folder.

Once installation is complete, remove any CDs that you might have in your CD-ROM drive and reboot your computer. You should be able to access SAS 9 from your START menu at this time. Once you have verified that SAS 9 starts up and operates as you expect, delete the SAS folders from your C:\temp directory. This will free up 2.07 GB of space on your hard drive.