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The CITC Helpdesk and You

By Sandy Burke, CITC Helpdesk Manager

This is a summer of many changes for everyone. Switching from a legacy system to a new system creates confusion and frustration.  No one likes to make changes, but the changes are here so, hopefully, we at the Helpdesk can help make the transition a little easier.  We do request, however, that you give us time to research answers, because, as incidents occur, changes are being made to alleviate problems with solutions. So, what we thought was correct yesterday, may be changed today!

How can the Helpdesk be of assistance during this transition?

Contact us with as much information as possible – via E-mail ( ) or phone (940-565-2324).

Be patient. 

Sometimes these problems are within an application. We will attempt to guide you to the correct department to assist you. There may be some confusion between departments as to who can best handle the problem. The new system is overlapping between areas that are accustomed to working independently.  Each area has workers who may be learning the capabilities of the new, and trying not to confuse it with the legacy system. 

Again, please be patient.

Help us answer these questions

We will probably make a Remedy Trouble Ticket to get the problem rectified.  This is where it helps to have all the information that could help with a resolution.  Some examples of questions we might ask are: 

  1. What is the exact error message? 
  2. What were you attempting to do when the error message occurred – what screen were you on, or attempting to access? 
  3. What Internet Browser are you using and what version of software related to it – Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.1, etc.? 
  4. What computer are you using – Mac or Windows or Linux?
  5. Do you have a firewall on the PC you are using – either at work, home, or laptop?
  6. Is our contact information for you correct?  Do we need to update the phone number where you can be reached?  Is your E-mail contact information correct?  Is there an alternate E-mail address?

It may be a quick fix to get you access again, or it may generate questions with the programmers, who will be working frantically to get the problem resolved. The end result will be a robust new way of interfacing with the University.  The legacy system has to go away. The alternative to stay with the old system is not an option.  It has earned it’s retirement. 

We do hope you will allow us to help you through this transition and the growing pains. You do matter to us, and we want to make this experience as pleasant as possible.