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Campus Computing News Building Community

By Shannon Eric Peevey, UNT Central Web Support

Here  at the University of North Texas, we are part of a very unique community. Thousands of faculty, students, and staff, are striving to better themselves, the educational experience, and the organization itself. But, in this community, do we really feel that we are a part of a family of like-minded people that desire to help each other to become more than we are?

How many people do you know as, “Hey, how's it going?”, “What's up, man?!”, or just simply, “Hi!”? In my overly-long college career, I would say that our interest in self-achievement is taking away from the community, and leaving us alone out in the cold...

In an effort to help build community here at the University of North Texas, Central Web Support has started a listserv that is geared towards all things Web. This list, (, is a place where Web developers can get to know each other, be able to exchange Web development ideas, answer each other's questions, and ask questions of the Web developers and system administrators that bring this universities Web presence to life.

To help achieve this, Central Web Support has dedicated itself to constantly monitor this list and readily answer questions about our services, 508 compliance, and Web development requirements here at UNT.

Please, feel free to join our list and become a part of the community!!


Well, I'm glad you asked. It is very simple. First, you will need to send an E-mail to, with the body of the email containing the following:

subscribe untwebdev first_name last_name

(i.e. subscribe untwebdev shannon peevey)

After you send this E-mail, the listserv software will send a reply, to which you simply hit reply, and replace all text in the body with “ok”. (sans quotes)

Please, this list is watched by staff and volunteers, so please be a good netizen and refer to the mod_perl list guidelines, which outline good mailing list etiquette: