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Campus Computing News

MyUNT Portal and EIS News

By Cathy Gonzalez, EIS Training/Computing Administration Manager

Successful Registration Go-Live

The Student Administration (SA) Team achieved a milestone on April 30, 2004, with successful production use of all four SA modules within the EIS Learning Solutions environment at both HSC and UNT. As of May 4, 2004, almost 50 students have registered at the Health Science Center and some 200 students have registered at UNT.  In addition, almost 48 students have paid for Fall 2004 using the Infinet self-service payment gateway that now includes credit card and eCheck payment options. 

Dr. Joneel Harris, Vice President for Student Enrollment, said “We are extremely proud of the outstanding work the SA Team has accomplished in a very short amount of time and the way some team members responded to the challenges that were presented late Thursday evening and the morning of April 30th that threatened the final hours before the arrival of UNT's 200 Early Eagle transfer students. Teamwork is what it is all about and HSC and UNT have one fine team of functional, technical, and consultant winners!!!!”

Employee Self-Service Available

On April 30, 2004, Employee Self-Service became available through MyUNT Portal.  The self-service functionality allows faculty and staff to access their Human Resource (HR) data maintained in EIS. Not all information can be viewed or updated using self service, therefore, some changes to information will continue to be made through the traditional channels for an extended period of time. Faculty and staff can now directly access their biographic and demographic data, paycheck data, and benefits data.  Most data reflects information from September 2003 to the present with the exception of paychecks (from December 2003) and training enrollments (from May 2004).  The data is available except for scheduled EIS maintenance times (posted on the MyUNT Portal log in page). 

To access the Employee Self-Service features, log in through the University of North Texas portal at

Cousins, Not Clones

One of the questions I often hear is “What is the difference between the MyUNT Portal ( and EIS (Enterprise Information System); aren’t they the same?”  The answer is not always a simple one.  Both are dependent on the software known as PeopleSoft.  Both are accessible using Web browsers.  They are cousins in this respect but are actually two different applications. 

EIS is the new UNTS administrative system used primarily by faculty and staff.  The legacy SIMS and HRMIS systems provided the functionality which is now being accessed in EIS.  Actually, the complete transfer of this functionality will not be complete until the end of this calendar year.  Both the legacy system and EIS are being used congruently to ensure a smooth transition from one system to the other. 

MyUNT Portal is an application that sits on top of EIS and provides access to self-service functions supported by EIS for students, staff, and faculty.  If you have an Internet service provider (ISP) at home, more than likely you use a portal view provided by your ISP to access the Internet. The portal concept allows a provider (in our instance, the University) to provide “one stop shopping” for access of your email, news items, weather, and other areas of interest.  Portals also provide users with flexibility to personalize their portal view preferences. The MyUNT Portal allows the University to distribute information to students, staff, and faculty.  A user now has a centralized point to access and review pertinent information in addition to performing allowable self-service tasks.  Without the portal, a user would have to learn the specialized navigation and functionality required of users who have been trained to use the EIS administrative interface. 

For students the distinction between MyUNT Portal and EIS is easy because they really have no knowledge of EIS.  Every function they perform is done through the MyUNT Portal interface.  For faculty and staff, however, the distinction is a bit more difficult.

Instructors and academic administrators will use MyUNT Portal to access self-service features related to working with students. They are actually accessing EIS functions using portal views similar to the student’s portal view.  The views contain information and menu items appropriate for the instructor’s and administrator’s role and security clearance.  Instructors will enter grades for the first time using the portal view in December 2004.  The exact interface with grades maintained in WebCT is yet to be determined; however, the goal is to programmatically pass the grades from WebCT to EIS. 

Faculty and staff users access the Employee Self-Service using MyUNT Portal also.  However, if these users need to perform administrative tasks (i.e. timekeeping, purchase and procurement, student records, etc.), they must log in using the EIS administrative interface.  Eventually more of this functionality will be accessible through MyUNT Portal also.

MyUNT Portal Information and Help

  • For questions regarding your Human Resources information, contact the Human Resources Department at 940-565-2281 or Payroll Office at 940-565-2440 or visit the website at

EIS Information and Help