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Don't Forget Our Monthly Columns!

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

In addition to our feature articles, Benchmarks Online publishes monthly columns that are focused on specific aspects of computing here at UNT (and beyond, in some cases). Check out what is waiting for you this month:

  • RSS Matters - "RSS Matters" is the monthly column written by the Research and Statistical Support Group in Academic Computing Services. Their articles focus on topics of a statistical and/or research methods nature. This month's article is by Dr. Mike Clark and is titled "Using S-Plus Graphics in Excel; SPSS News ."

This month Dr. Baczewski gives you a "Pop Quiz" on the Internet. Can you take it?

  • Link of the Month - As it says on the top of the "Link of the Month" page, "each month we highlight an Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list(s) or Website(s)." Lately we have been confining ourselves to featuring UNT specific sites. This month we focus on the new "University of North Texas - Antivirus Site."

  • WWW@UNT.EDU - "WWW@UNT.EDU" is a monthly column written by the Central Web Support Group in Academic Computing Services. The topics usually focus, in some way, on World-Wide-Web-related issues. This month, Shane Jester talks about "Running Multiple Virtual SSL Servers."

  • Short Courses - Every semester, Academic Computing Services (ACS) offers short courses on computer-related topics, many of them having to do with statistical research. This column keeps you up-to-date on what is being offered and when as well as other training opportunities.

  • IRC News - As their Webpage says, "the IRC is an advisory and oversight body created to foster communication and cooperation between and among UNT information resources providers and users." We publish the minutes of the IRC meetings each month, when they are available.

  • Staff Activities - This column focuses on new employees, people who are no longer employed at the Computing and Information Technology Center, awards and recognitions and other items of interest featured here.

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