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Quick Guide to Computing Resources at UNT


Everyone associated with UNT is assigned an EUID.  The EUID can be activated for login purposes by going to    The EUID consists of your initials and four numbers.  It will be associated with you for the rest of your time with UNT.  When activated, you will be required to create a unique strong password.  This password will expire every 120 days.   

The password consists of at least 6 characters including numbers, letters, upper case and lower case, and special characters.  It cannot be a dictionary word, or include 2 or more concurrent numbers used in your social security number or birth date.   If you are having a tough time coming up with a strong password, use the strengthen button to see alternatives. 

Example:          weak password sweetpea 

strong password sW33t_p3a

Faculty and Staff: 

The same rules apply as above, except your EUID is assigned when Human Resources is informed you are hired to work at UNT.  Depending on the access to information you require, your password will normally expire every 120 days.  Higher level access will require password expiration every 60 days.


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