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Summer Computing News

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

Have you been away for the summer? If so, you may want to take note of these articles that appeared in Benchmarks Online over the past several months:


  • A New Look for Bulk Mail -- The new UNT brand and structural changes, many of which are made to closely match the way information is defined in the new EIS system, await you!
  • Matlab Comes to Campus - "The CITC Academic Computing Services has secured a campus site license for Matlab and Simulink from Mathworks, inc. Along with these base programs are a number of toolboxes which may be applied to specific problems and processes. The license allows on-campus use by students and research faculty and staff. Research faculty and staff are also allowed home use of the Matlab software under this license."
  • Monthly Features:
    • RSS Matters -  Patrick McLeod helps you get "up to speed on our new software."

    • The Network Connection - Dr. Baczewski talks about web browsers and asks the eternal question, "Can't we all just get along?"

    • WWW@UNT.EDU -  Shannon Peevey continues a multi-part series on Apache 2.1. Part II is called "Apache 2.1 Failings: mod_authnz_ldap and mod_authn_file."


  • Installing and Using GroupWise 6.5 CD-ROM Training from Thomson NETg  - "Don't have time to attend formal classes in GroupWise 6.5 but still desperately need to know how to keep that Viagra spam from getting to your 'in box'? CD-ROM-based training from Thomson NETg is the answer. Usable on any Windows machine (yep - as usual we poor Mac users are left out in the cold. But...GroupWise is GroupWise: borrow a friend's Windows box and do the training anyway as the Mac/Win versions of the app are virtually identical), the training can be run from the CD-ROM itself or installed on the machine's hard drive (recommended method)."

    "Pick up your GroupWise 6.5 training CD-ROM from the CITC Helpdesk folks or from the UNT CBT Administrator, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner" and follow the instructions in this article on how to install and run the product. 
  • GroupWise Junk Mail Tutorial: Bulk Tag Explanation - Question: Why is mail tagged BULK: at the beginning of the subject line? Answer: Keywords and phrases within the mail message triggered the spam gateway to mark it as potential junk mail. Click on the link to the article for an explanation. 
  • RFID Interest Group Forming - "An Interest Group is forming to explore opportunities for collaborative research about emerging RFID technologies (Radio Frequency Identification). This Interest Group represents multiple disciplines at UNT: engineering, computer science, information science, logistics, marketing, management, merchandising, education, and information technology. The technology is touted as having the potential to change the way we live and conduct business. The DFW area has recently emerged as an important center for the technology thanks to Wal-Mart and other retailers' selection of the area to test their RFID initiatives. RFID presents UNT with a golden opportunity to gain recognition for collaborative investigation and research." See the article for further information.
  • Monthly Features:
    • RSS Matters -  Rich Herrington gives you a "A Video Introduction to Creating Web Surveys with QSurvey - An Open Source Zope Application."

    • The Network Connection - Dr. Baczewski talks about "All the News that's Print to Fit." Read this article and find out the latest on "Really Simple Syndication."

    • WWW@UNT.EDU -  Shannon Peevey continues a multi-part series on Apache 2.1. Part III is called "Apache 2.1 Failings: mod_authnz_ldap and mod_authn_file."


  •  The CITC Town Meeting - Among the many things discussed at a recent CITC "town meeting" was the re-organization of the Administration Information Systems (AIS) group.
  • EIS Status Report - Topics covered in this article include:
    • Benefits of enterprise system are acknowledged by the University community.
    • Human Resources continues EIS accomplishments
    • Office of Enrollment Management counts EIS successes
    • EIS Training going strong
  • UNT Data Encryption Recommendations - "News reports of identity theft and sensitive data loss are becoming all too common . . . Strong password requirements go a long way to thwart hacking attempts, but all passwords can be cracked over enough time. Encryption of sensitive data provides an extremely helpful layer of security." Detailed discussion continues within the article.
  • Coming this Fall: GroupWise 7 - "The folks at Novell have spent a lot of time and effort to bring you an even more robust and feature rich messaging system. Currently, Network Computing Services is testing the public beta for GroupWise 7 with much success, and anticipates no problems with deploying this update to the UNT computing community this fall." The article lists of some of the features that you can expect from GroupWise 7. 
  • Monthly Features:
    • RSS Matters -  Patrick McLeod talks about "Stata 9: Introduction to Mata." 

    • The Network Connection - Dr. Baczewski talks about "Dancing Indiscrete." Read this article for Baczewski's take on the latest RIAA and MPAA developments.

    • WWW@UNT.EDUShannon Peevey completes a multi-part series on Apache 2.1. Part IV is called  "Apache 2.1 Failings: mod_authnz_ldap and mod_authn_file."


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