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Accessing Your UNT Website Using "My Network Places" in Windows XP

By Charity Beck, UNT Central Web Support

If you have a website on the UNT Central Web Servers, you may use the following method to access your website. This method of accessing your website addresses a couple of issues that were presented with the emergence of Windows XP. The first problem occurs when you access your website in "My Network Places" using your website address, for example, and you are continuously prompted for your username and password. Windows XP would append your username to the end of your URL, and would look something like Example 1.

Example 1

Visual Example of the username propmt.

The second issue discovered was that Window XP would place recursive folders in your website, and would infinitely replicate itself, and would look something like Example 2.

Example 2

Example 2


1. Open Network Places.

2. Under "Network Tasks" click on "Add a network place."

3. The "Add Network Place Wizard" you will click on "Next" this screen.

4. Select "Choose another network location" as in Example 3.

Example 3

"Choose another network locatkon" screen

5. At the "What is the address of this network place?" screen you will type in your URL with a trailing '#' character (i.e. **Note: You must place the pound symbol after the trailing slash in your URL as in Example 4.

Example 4 example entry

6. Click on "Next," and you will be prompted for your username and password which is your EUID and password. If you do not remember your password, you my go to the site and reset it.

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