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Importing a GroupWise Address Book into Apple's Address Book Program

By Jason Gutierrez, Network Computing Services, GroupWise Messaging Specialist

Importing a GroupWise Address Book into Apple’s Address Book program is a simple task to accomplish, but you’ll need to use the GroupWise client on the PC to do it. The GroupWise 6.5 client is available for download here (EUID authentication required).

 Export the Address Book 

  1. Launch the GroupWise client on a PC
  2. Open the Address Book program.
  3. Select the Address Book you would like to export
    1. Frequent Contacts
    2. Personal Book
    3. Not the Novell GroupWise Book or the LDAP book
  4. From the “File” menu select “Export…”
  5. Select Entire book from the dialog box that appears
    1. You can choose to click on specific address to export as opposed to exporting the whole book. Make your selections before choosing “Export…” from the “File” menu.
  6. Name the *.vcf file and save.

 Importing the VCF file

  1. Copy the *.vcf file you just created in Step 6, to the Macintosh (running OS X).
  2. Launch Apple’s Address Book program.
  3. Create a new Group in the address book, preferably one with the same name (e.g. Frequent contacts, Personal Addresses).
  4. With the newly created group selected, select “Import” and then “vCard” from the “File” menu.
    1. You may also use the “z+ i” keystroke
    2. You may also drag the *.vcf file into the “Name” pane for the Group.

(Note: If you drag the VCF card into the “Group” pane, the addresses will be imported, but not into any specific group. The addresses will appear in the “All” book.

  1. Select your *.vcf file.

 Apple’s address book application will now import all the addresses from the VCF card into the group you created.


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