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 Research and Statistical Support - University of North Texas

RSS Matters

Link to the last RSS article here: Getting up to speed on our new software - Ed.

A Video Introduction to Creating Web Surveys with QSurvey - An Open Source Zope Application

By Dr. Rich Herrington, Research and Statistical Support Services Manager

This month we present a series of Windows AVI media files that illustrate the steps involved in creating an online web survey on UNT's Zope Survey Server. Each AVI file is approximately 5-10 minutes long. You can contact me (Rich) to get a Zope account.  Once you have your Zope account,  you can follow the AVI presentation through the process of logging into a Zope account - to the creation of an online web survey.  These videos are best viewed with the Windows Media Player; however, if you have a MAC PC, you might explore the following website to download a MAC based media player that could work better with a Windows PC based AVI file (in contrast to QuickTime, for example).  I would appreciate any reports of discrepancies or inaccuracies that you find in these videos.  I hope you find these videos useful in some way - good luck with them! - Rich.  

[ 06/24/05 - Please note that the LDAP server to use with Zope is now

  1) Logging Into the Zope Server
Creating a Folder

  3)  Creating a QSurvey Object
  4)  Creating Survey Pages Within a QSurvey Object 
  5)  Creating Content Within a Page
  6)  Creating a Multiple Choice Question
  7)  Adding Items Within Pages
  8)  Linking Survey Pages Together
  9)  Examining the Results Folder and the CSS StyleSheet
10)  Importing Collected Survey Data into Excel
11)  Adding WebDAV Folders
12)  Downloading the R Statistical Package (useful for analyzing survey data)
13)  Downloading the Student Version of the S-Plus Statistical Package
14)  Running R and Installing Statistical Packages

Next Time

In upcoming articles, we will discuss programming methods and statistical techniques for handling survey data. Topics will include:  importing survey data into the R system, merging multiple select and single select items into one data object; sub-setting and describing survey data both graphically and numerically;  analyzing survey items using factor analytic methods and generalized linear models for predicting outcomes of interest.  R excels as a programming environment and data analysis system for the graphical exploration and statistical modeling of survey data - introductory texts exist for getting novice users familiarized with the system (e.g. Verzani Crawford).  Additionally, there are online courses for learning the basics of R.  In coming articles, we will look at how we can use R to enhance our understanding of data collected thru web surveys.


Quick Start for Zope
Contributed R Documentation - CRAN website


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