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Each month we highlight an Internet, USENET Special Interest Group (SIG), or similar mailing list(s) or website(s).

  InHouse UNT Banner "Discover the power of ideas"  

InHouse goes weekly!

InHouse banner "Sharing the Power of Green" "Timely. Informative. Meaningful"  

On September 14, GroupWise mailboxes throughout the UNT community received the first issue of the new InHouse newsletter. You can read that debut issue here:

The lead article, "Welcome to your new InHouse" (Posted by: Michelle Hale) gives you the scoop:

Over the summer, the University Relations staff updated InHouse to keep you better informed about what matters at UNT. We hope you will be pleased with the changes we’ve made.

A weekly e-newsletter will be delivered to your GroupWise inbox once a week to keep you up to date on what’s happening on campus, where UNT is headed and what that means for you.

In addition, you can keep in touch with campus news more regularly by visiting this web site ( for as-it-happens information. While you’re here, you can add our RSS feeds to your news aggregator as another way to stay in touch.

We’ve made InHouse all about you, and we want it to benefit you.  

. . .

Oh, and LOGIN using your EUID to read stories only available to UNT faculty and staff or to make comments on selected stories (current faculty and staff only).


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