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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • Kevin Treadwell, Telecommunications Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Megan Kilgore, Telecommunications Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Christina Cooper, Administrative Services Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Paul Vercher, Computer Systems Manager, Distributed Learning Support.

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Colin Carter, Administrative Services Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Shannon Leach, Production Control.


  • Doug Alders has moved from Computer Operations to EIS Technical Services where he is a Computer Support Specialist.

Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

Supaluk Joy Aswalap, Programmer/Analyst on the UNT/HSC Fiscal Systems Team  and a doctoral candidate in the UNT School of Library and Information Sciences, recently had an article published in First Monday - a peer–reviewed journal on the Internet. The article, "'Information society' development in Thailand: Information workforce and information and communication technology perspectives," can be read here:

Star Performers

All Starr Performers will be recognized at the President's Staff Sack Lunch on November 1.

  • Tracy Hansen, Desktop Support, was recognized as a Star Performer in the September 2005 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter.

The following people were recognized as a Star Performers in the October 2005 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Matthew Barnhart, Distributed Learning Support..

  • Patricia Bell, Inventory and Timekeeping Assistant.

  • JoAnn Luksich, Data Management Coordinator.

  • Claudia Lynch, ACS Documentation Services Manager.

  • J. P. Williams, Central Web Support.

Soaring Eagles

The following people were recognized as a Soaring Eagles in the October 2005 issue of the Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Charity Beck, UNT Central Web Support, "assisted the Biology Dept. Staff in 'decoding' and explaining DreamWeaver Software."

  • Philip Buhler, Student Records Data Systems, was thanked for his "optimization of projects which migrated into production that used to take up to 6 hours to complete but now can run in under one minute!"

  • Tracy Hansen, Desktop Support, "helped a fellow employee answer a question which helped to resolve a problem immediately."

  • Rhonda Holmes, CITC Administrative Services, "did an outstanding job of helping a department process a purchase order that had a very short lead time."

  • JoAnn Luksich, Data Management Coordinator, "was kind and helpful responding to a fellow employees urgent survey development requests."

  • Scott Windham, Data Communications, was thanked for helping "a fellow co-worker when they really needed it."

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