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Microsoft Products Available to UNT Employees at Low Cost

This is an updated version of an article that we run from time to time. - Ed.

By Dr. Maurice Leatherbury, Associate Vice President for Computing and Chief Technology Officer, CITC

For a number of years, UNT has had an agreement with Microsoft that allows us to distribute various Microsoft products to employees of the University. According to the agreement, you can "use the software for school-related purposes on a personally-owned computer or an institution-owned computer designated for your exclusive use" and you must remove the software from your home machine if you leave UNT. This agreement does not cover students unless those students are also UNT employees, nor does it cover UNT Health Science Center employees.

If you need one of these products on your office machine here at UNT, contact your network manager because there's no charge for the software on University-owned machines. Please direct any questions about the terms of the agreement to Mike Wright (x3632).

MS Software Available at the UNT Bookstore

The following products are available at the prices indicated in the general books/software section of the UNT Bookstore:

  • Office Pro 2003 - $14

  • Office XP Pro - $21

  • FrontPage 2002 and 2003 - $7 each

  • Publisher 2003 - $7

  • Office 2001 Mac - $7

  • Office 2004 Mac - $8

  • Mac Office 2004 Pro (includes Virtual PC 7) - $10

  • Visual Academic 2003 - $56

  • Windows XP Pro upgrade - $8



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