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Central Web Support Staff

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

Time to update you on the current "cast of characters" in the Central Web Support (CWS) area.  So, following is the list of the people in CWS and their duties (descriptions provided by Shane Jester):

  • Charity Beck Web Developer. Charity is our design and content expert.  She also performs many system administration duties on our web servers.
  • Shannon Peevey Web Developer. Shannon is in charge of running our database and dynamic content servers.
  • Scott Simon Portal Administrator. Scott works with the EIS project on all things portal, including design implementation and application integration.
  • JPWilliams Web Developer.  JP works with special projects in CWS as well as assists Charity and Shannon with system administration duties.

For further contact information, see the CWS contact webpage.


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