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RSS Matters

Link to the last RSS article here: Bayesian Packages for R version 2.2.1  - Ed.

Publishing HTML Documents on the Web2survey Zope Server

By Dr Rich Herrington, ACS Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant

This month we take a look at publishing HTML documents on our Zope survey server:

We will be using the following two software utilities:

Novell's Netdrive WebDAV client and drive-mapper,   and  NVU's open source HTML editor.  Our demonstration will assume a Microsoft Windows Platform;  however,  WebDAV utilities exist for MacOS platform (e.g. Goliath).

Mapping a drive to the Zope File System

After installing Netdrive and running the program you will want to configure the connection settings.  First we want check and see what drive assignment is available for our Zope address.  Click on "My Computer" and look for an available letter for drive assignment (e.g. O:\  ).  Open Netdrive and you will see the following configuration screen:

Open NetDrive screen shot

You will want to provide the URL to your account:  e.g.
Provide the drive letter that the Zope file system will map to - e.g. O: .  Next,  make sure that Anonymous/Public Logon is NOT enabled;  provide your Username and Password that were provided with your Zope account.  Finally, click the connect button in the upper right portion of the panel.  A Explorer type window will spawn.   Copy - Paste and Drag - Drop functionality is available for this drive assignment -  O:\  .   Basically, any software that can write to the file system should see the O: drive as an available drive.  Consult Novell's website documentation on Netdrive for further details on using this drive mapping utility.

Creating HTML Documents on Zope Using NVU

The NVU HTML Editor provides very similar functionality to Microsoft FrontPage or Dreamweaver.  While not as feature rich as these popular proprietary HTML editor's, NVU has an impressive array of functionality for a free program:

NVU screenshot

To save content to the mapped drive (e.g. O:\ ) choose "File - Save As".  You may be prompted for a title for the webpage:

Screenshot - saving content to the mapped drive

This content saves to the O:\ drive, but since the O: drive is mapped to  the content is automatically available for web browsing.  In Firefox we browse the URL and view the webpage:

Rich's New Webpage screenshot

I hope this very simple demonstration of authoring content on our Web2survey Zope server solves the tricky issue of working with HTML on Zope.  Until next time....Happy computing!

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