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 Research and Statistical Support - University of North Texas

RSS Matters

Link to the last RSS article here: Canonical Correlation with SPSS - Ed.

Installing SPSS 14

By Patrick McLeod, ACS Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant

Academic Computing Services is pleased to announce that we have received our media for SPSS 14 for Windows. What follows is an article with more screenshots than text that I hope will be an effective guide for folks installing SPSS 14 for the first time.

SPSS 14 does have some minimum system requirements: Your computer needs to be running Windows 2000 or Windows XP with at least 300MB of room on the hard drive for the program installation and 256MB of RAM for your computer. You will also need a live internet connection, either dial up or broadband. Academic Computing Services advises end users to uninstall ANY prior versions of SPSS on your computer before installing SPSS 14 due to license management concerns. Once you’ve verified that your computer meets these minimum requirements, insert the SPSS 14 CD you’ve obtained from Academic Computing Services into your computer’s CD/DVD drive and wait for it to spin up. You should see a screen that looks like the following:

SPSS 14.0 Screen 1

Hover your mouse arrow over the first option in the list, “Install SPSS”.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 2

Since UNT has a site license with SPSS, Inc. for SPSS 14, select the second option in the list, Site license.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 3

Select the “I Accept” option on the license agreement.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 4

Browse the Read Me information and then click “Next”.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 5

At the next screen, enter your user name, organization and the serial number. The serial number can be found on the CD sleeve you checked out from Academic Computing Services.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 6

Unless you have some special reason for not wanting SPSS to install in the default location, click “Next” to accept SPSS being installed in C:\Program Files\SPSS\.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 7

Click “Install” to begin the installation.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 8

Depending on your processor speed and RAM, SPSS may take a few minutes to completely install.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 9

Select both the license SPSS 14.0 and register product options and click “OK”.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 10

Select “Start”.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 11

Select the “Use Authentication-via Internet to get License” option, the first one in the list. Click on “Next”.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 12

Enter the authorization code found on the CD sleeve from Academic Computing Services.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 13

Click on “Finish”. Congratulations! You’ve now installed SPSS 14.0 for Windows. Please check back in this space for future columns about SPSS 14.0 applications.

SPSS 14.0 Screen 14

Changes made to the Zope Survey Server

On a final note, Dr. Herrington has asked me to announce some changes that have been made to the Zope Survey Server, .  The link for information on the new changes is . After you’ve read about the changes, if you have any questions for Dr. Herrington, you can email him at .

Happy computing from UNT Academic Computing Services!


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