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 Turn in Your Old UNT ID Card

By Claudia Lynch, Benchmarks Online Editor

March 1 is the deadline for replacement of all UNT ID cards that have Social Security numbers printed on them. For security reasons, Social Security numbers will no longer be used for identification purposes at UNT. From now on EIS-generated random ID numbers (or EMPL IDs) will be used instead. Notice has already been sent out to all UNT ID card holders, but reminders will be sent out again in order to give everyone time to have new ID cards made before the deadline. 

An article in the November 17, 2005 issue of InHouse sums the situation up:

All community members with ID cards that were issued prior to April 2004 must replace their ID cards to maintain access to UNT facilities, including the libraries, residence halls, health center, computer labs and recreational center.

ID cards can be replaced at no charge by bringing the current ID card or a driver's license to ID Systems. Employees at the UNT Dallas campus or other locations can contact ID Systems to arrange for alternative methods to replace ID cards.

ID Systems is open from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Eagle Student Services Center, room 105.

ID Systems has attempted to e-mail all individuals with cards that need replacing, but faculty and staff members are asked to help inform students that they may need a new UNT ID card.

In April 2004, with the implementation of EIS, the university began using EMPL IDs for all students and employees. This allows UNT to better protect personal information, since these random ID numbers are used instead of social security numbers in the information system and on UNT ID cards.

For more information, contact Michael McElroy, ID Systems assistant, at (940) 565-3225 or email at .

The following sign has been posted in all the General Access Computer Labs.

Effective March 1, 2006

In order to access and utilize the UNT General Access Computer Labs:


You must have the newest UNT ID card.
How do you know if you have the right card?
Your University ID Number must be printed on the front of your ID card and it should look like the ID below: 

Jane Doe ID



Your ID number should be printed on the bottom right hand side of the card

What do you do if your ID does not look like this?

Go to the ID Office, ESSC room 105 to get a new card.



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