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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • Daniel Graham Harris - Microcomputer Consultant, Helpdesk (part-time).

  • Graham Pocta - CITC LAN Technical Assistant (part-time).

  • Waewwow (Amy) Allen - Computer Systems Manager, Unix Support Services.

  •  Davide Louis Bernard - Computer Support Specialist, Network Computing Services.

  • Vishal Marda - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  • Jakkrit Wajavuth - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  •  Jonathan Mac Edwards - Computer Support Specialist, Helpdesk.

  • Lip Yew Sim - Programmer, Student Finance Team, AIS.

  • Jonathan Starkweather - Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant, ACS (part-time).

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Stormy Shippy - CITC LAN Technical Assistant (part-time).

  • Huaxia (Vanessa) Zhang - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  • Sumant Ganapavarapu - Lab Monitor, ACS General Access Lab, ACS (part-time).

  • Sandy Burke, Manager of the CITC Helpdesk, retired in December.


  • Richard Sanzone, promoted to Manager of the CITC Helpdesk, replacing Sandy Burke, who retired in December.

Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager, has a new book out as of this month from Ashgate Publishing. The book is Women Composers and Music Technology in the United States Crossing the Line and is described thusly (one of the women profiled in Hinkle-Turner's book is Christine Baczewska, who is Philip Baczewski's sister):

This book is the most definitive attempt to date to discuss the achievements of women as composers of experimental and avant-garde music from the 1930s to the present day. Using a wealth of primary material, it also explores currently relevant issues in gender and technology. Drawing out the relationships between composers and their working environments, and between teachers and students, Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner discusses the contribution of women composers to electroacoustic music. Includes a bibliography and discography covering the work of ninety composers.

Contents: Introduction; Precedents and pioneers; A generation of growth and influence; Continued promise for the future; In the spotlight: role models rise in the mainstream; Finding their visual voice: composers explore multimedia technology; Where are we now?; Sources for electroacoustic music by women; Selected discography; Bibliography; Index.

January 2006 c. 310 pages Hardback 0 7546 0461 6 $79.95 (U.S. dollars)

  • Dr. Philip Baczewski, Director of Academic Computing and User Services, has an article - "Modeling Music Perception: Untangling Methods and Methodologies" - appearing in On Methods of Music Theory and (Ethno-) Musicology, Nico Schüler, Ed., Methodology of Music Research, Vol. 4, Peter Lang, Frankfurt Am Main, 2005

 Full bibliographic reference (

On methods of music theory and (ethno-)musicology : from interdisciplinary research to teaching / Nico Schüler (ed.). - Frankfurt am Main ; Berlin ; Bern; Bruxelles ; New York ; Oxford ; Wien : Lang, 2005. - 204 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Noten ; 21 cm (Methodology of music research ; Bd. 4)

ISBN 3-631-54390-5 (Frankfurt am Main ...) kart. : EUR 39.00
ISBN 0-8204-7779-6 (New York) kart.
SW: Musik ; Aufsatzsammlung
SG: 780
Titel noch in Bearbeitung
IDN: 976829959

Service Recognition Awards

The following people were recognized for their years of service at the Service Recognition Awards ceremony on December 8, 2005:

  • Coy Hoggard, Executive Director of Administrative Information Systems (Retired).  - 40 Years of Service.

  • Janice Surfomia Green Madlock, Programmer/Analyst, EIS Technical Services (AIS)  - 25 Years of Service.

  • Jennifer Lafleur, Asst. Director for Computing and IT Planning and Administration - 20 Years of Service.

  • Phillip T. Brooks, Production Control Lead, Computer Operations (AIS)  - 15 Years of Service.

  • Catherine Gonzalez, EIS Training, Communication, and Administration Manager (AIS) - 15 Years of Service.

  • John Hooper, Executive Director of  Administrative Information Systems - 15 Years of Service.

  • Silvester Montalvo, Telecommunications Specialist  - 15 Years of Service.

  • Dorothy Flores, Programmer/Analyst, UNT/HSC Fiscal Systems (AIS) - 10 Years of Service.

  • Michael Murdock, Programmer/Analyst, Oracle Database Administration (AIS) - 10 Years of Service.

  • Jason Myre, Messaging GroupWise, Network Computing Services - 10 Years of Service.

  • Bahram Paiani, Messaging Host, Network Computing Services - 10 Years of Service.

  • Charity Beck, Computer Systems Manager, Central Web Support - 5 Years of Service.

  • Attila Hakimoglu, Computer Systems Manager, Data Communications - 5 Years of Service.

  • Tracy Hansen, CITC Desktop Support, Network Computing Services   - 5 Years of Service.

  • Jay Maxwell, Programmer/Analyst, Student Records Data Systems (AIS) - 5 Years of Service.

  • Shannon Peevey, Computer Systems Manager, Central Web Support - 5 Years of Service.

  • Kenneth Sedgley, Telecommunications Manager - 5 Years of Service.

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