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Helpdesk FYI

By Richard Sanzone, Manager of the CITC Helpdesk

This article marks the beginning, we hope, of a new monthly feature from the CITC Helpdesk. Each month they will tackle a topic that has been of particular interest to callers/visitors to the Helpdesk. -- Ed.

Having trouble connecting to the Eaglenet wireless system?

Are you having trouble connecting to the Eaglenet wireless system? If so, check the Eaglenet information website at for configuration guides and other tips.

If you can get a wireless signal but cannot bring up the login page it is most likely due to an error in your system's wireless configuration. The most common error is the SSID entry. Make sure to enter "eaglenet" as the SSID in lower case letters. Also, be sure that WEP is disabled and a channel is not specified.

If you are not receiving a signal make sure your wireless adapter is enabled. Most laptops have a function key combination (Fn + F2 is common) to toggle the adapter on and off. Some laptops also have a button located on the side of the laptop which sometimes goes unnoticed and can unintentionally be toggled when moving the laptop in and out of a carrying case.

When you get to the Eaglenet login page you will be prompted to enter your EUID and enterprise password. If you need to retrieve your EUID and/or password visit the Account Management System website at


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