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Fall 2006 - Computer-Based Training Update

By Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager

A few things have changed with the administration of our computer-based training here on campus.

Request for User Account Now Needed

Anyone who became part of the university community AFTER March 2006 will need to now request an online training account activation from me - Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, the CBT administrator - at This is because our UNT enterprise has become so large that the SkillPort and KnowledgeNet systems cannot effectively handle such large pre-made account rolls. People who were part of the university community prior to March 2006 should have pre-made accounts in the system.

So, if you attempt to login to SkillPort or KnowledgeNet and get a service denial, simply contact me and I will make that account for you right away. This is especially important for students to note who may have CBT requirements in their classes and professors who ARE requiring such training completion by their students (as well as supervisors requiring CBT from their employees) are welcome to send me a roll list of users so I can make sure their accounts are all made well in advance of the due date. This means - Dr. Gretchen Bataille - if you want to do some PowerPoint training, you will have to send me an email!winking smiley

KnowledgeNet System to be Phased Out and Replaced with Expanded System

Secondly, the KnowledgeNet computer-based training system will be taken down as soon as the approval and payment of an expanded contract with SkillPort has been completed (target date January 2007). KnowledgeNet was one of the systems used for Microsoft Office training. We have found that the SkillPort system is more flexible and accommodating of our ever-changing enterprise needs and our new contract will allow us to offer access to over 2,000 courses covering not only information technology, applications, and operating systems but also the areas of risk management, budgeting, compliance, and human resources. I look forward to reporting more on this change in the future.


Users of the computer-based training services are reminded to go to for a complete explanation of all online training including tutorials in its use and a table of contents of our current course offerings. Further questions about our CBT systems can be directed to me at


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