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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • David Lee Gerlach, Computer Systems Manager, Unix Support Services.

  • Dushyant Vipradas, ACS lab student assistant (part-time).

  • Maria Irene Cunha, ACS lab student assistant (part-time).

  • Valori Berends, Student Intern, Information Security (part-time).

  • Ariel M. Furman, Telecommunications Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Natalie M. Rippa, Administrative Services Student Assistant (part-time).

  • Matt Duncan, Programmer, EIS Technical Services (half-time).

  • James Wesley Holloway, Distributed Computing and Imaging Services Student Computer Technician (part-time).


  • CITC Desktop Support has a new name, Distributed Computing and Imaging Services and now reports directly to Tom McElwee, Director of Enterprise Systems Technical Services. Brenda Kirk, is the team leader.

    According to Tom McElwee, the name Distributed Computing and Imaging Services more appropriately reflects their major engagements -- Dell desktop support and the Document Imaging Retention Management project -- both critical to UNT. They will also continue to provide server and desktop support.

    Tracy Hanson's primary function is now imaging, but she will provide backup services for the team in critical situations.

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Becky Sue Parton, Student Records Data Systems Programmer (AIS),

  • Jisuk Kim, ACS lab student assistant (part-time).
  • Sri Edupuganti, ACS lab student assistant (part-time).
  • Thomson Erelli, ACS lab student assistant (part-time).
  • Rachel Burlage, Student Intern, Information Security (part-time).
  • Megan Kilgore, Telecommunications Student Assistant (part-time).

Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager, received an ASCAP Award ($500 grant) for 2006. The awards are given for composer applicants based on their creative work for the year and their recent performance activities. Hinkle-Turner has been receiving ASCAP grants since 2000.

Soaring Eagles

The following people will be recognized at the President's Staff Lunch on October 24. Their names appeared in the September Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Saeid Parivash, Programmer/Analyst, Enterprise Systems Technical Support.

  • Paula Davis, Programmer/Analyst, PeopleSoft Application Infrastructure Management, EIS Infrastructure Services.

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