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 You're Invited: UNT Microsoft Vista/Office 2007 Launch Event

By Chang E. Koh, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences; Managing Director, Information Systems Research Center College of Business Administration

Please note that CISO is not affiliated with the Computing and Information Technology Center (CITC) or any distributed computing support organization at UNT. This "launch event" is for informational purposes. Colleges and departments within UNT will be adopting Microsoft Vista according to schedules that best suit their needs. Consult your college or department network manager to find out their specific plans for your area. - Ed.

The UNT Computer Information Systems Organization (CISO) and Microsoft invite you to the UNT Microsoft Vista/Office 2007 Launch event!

Come experience the “Wow” factor as representatives from Microsoft talk about how new technology effects education today and how technology is integrated into our daily lives. Also, a chance to check out all of the top new features of Windows Vista and Office 2007! This will be a very informative and fun event for students and teachers alike, so come on by ESSC 255 at 3:45 pm on April 24th and see why people everywhere are saying, “wow”.

This is also a great way to introduce students at UNT to the Computer Information Systems Organization and all it has to offer. Programs will be offered as proof of attendance in case you would like to offer extra credit to those students in your class that attend.

Final note: Free pizza, drinks, software and prizes given to everyone that shows up! Some larger door prizes will also be given at the end of the event including: a Zune (1), Windows Vista Ultimate (5), Windows Office Ultimate (5), some awesome books, and a bunch of other cool stuff!

What: UNT CISO presents- Windows Vista/Office 2007 Launch Event

Where: Eagle Student Services Center Room 255

When: Tuesday, April 24th, 2007 @ 3:45 PM

How: Pre-register @  to be eligible for the big prize raffle

Click here to view the event flyer.


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