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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • Kevin Blake Meyer, Data Communications Analyst, Data Communications.

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Daniel Glass, Computer Systems Manager, Unix Support Services.

  • Sharon McSherry, Programmer on the UNT Fiscal Data Systems Team.

  • David Wood, Computer Systems Manager, Information Security.

Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

New Baby

Pablo Ozuna,  Programmer, UNT/HSC Fiscal Systems, and his wife Karin are the proud parents of a son, Christopher Corbett Ozuna, born on February 13.


Scott Yockel, Computer Systems Manager, Academic Computing and User Services, is co-author of a article Photophysics and Bonding in Neutral Gold(I) Organometallic Complexes with an Extended Aurophilic Supramolecular Structure, that was released on the Web March 31, 2007.

Award Nomination

Dr. Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Student Computing Services Manager, is a finalist for the 2007 Association for Recorded Sound Collections Awards for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound
Research (ARSC). The 2007 ARSC awards will be presented during ARSCís annual conference
to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from May 2-5, 2007.

Soaring Eagles

The following people were recognized at the President's Staff Lunch on May 8. Their names appeared in the April Human Resources Newsletter:

  • Sanden Cottongame, Computer Systems Manager , Central Web Support.

  • Marsha Parr, Data Entry Operator.

  • Jon Starkweather, Research and Statistical Support Services Consultant, ACS.

  • Steve Voncelka, Computer Operations Manager.


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