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Getting Direct Access to Gartner Researchers

By Tom McElwee, Enterprise Systems Technical Service Director

Last year the CITC announced the sponsorship of a new research alliance with Gartner and hosted "Gartner Day" at the Research Park to introduce the new service. That service has been used extensively by UNT over the last five months providing access to a great deal of research. We have had access to their core research published on the web, but not to their researchers.

CITC is now sponsoring direct access to Gartner researchers. We can now conference directly with Gartner researchers on specific topics for thirty minute technical discussions. Having direct access to a researcher may provide information not addressed in the published reports and surface new developments since the last publishing.

Scheduling a session

Our contract requires that one person schedule the sessions and facilitate the calls. I am the liaison between UNT and Gartner, so when you need to schedule a session, send me an email with the specific topic from the Gartner website and Ill make the request. Gartner will respond with several times the researcher is available. We will select a time and schedule the call.

The website for all UNT students, faculty, and staff to access Gartner is: Please let me know if you have any questions:

Tom McElwee
Director Enterprise Systems Technical Services
Computing & Information Technology Center
University of North Texas
940-565-3866 office


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