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Helpdesk FYI

By Richard Sanzone, CITC Helpdesk Manager

EUID Passwords

EUID "Enterprise" passwords expire after 120 days. You can receive an email notification prior to your password expiring by logging into the Account Management System (AMS) at and enabling the "Password Expiration Notice" option.

There are two ways to reset your password:

  1. The first method is the Password Reset process linked on the AMS site. The Password Reset process does not require you to provide your existing password but it does require you to verify your identity by providing some biographical information and answering your "secret question".
  2. The second -- and easiest -- way to reset your password is by logging in to AMS and selecting "Change Password". The Change Password process does not require you to go through the identity verification steps that the Reset Password process does because you have to successfully login to initiate the Change Password process.

It is suggested that you go through the Change Password process prior to your password expiring to avoid having to go through the more lengthy Reset Password process.


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