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Research and Statistical Support - University of North Texas

RSS Matters

You can link to the last RSS article here: The Calculation of Statistical Power Using the Percentile Bootstrap and Robust Estimation- Ed.

Statistical Software and Windows Vista [updated 3/16/07]

By Patrick McLeod, Research Consultant, Academic Computing and User Services, CITC

Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!
 or ... “Why you should hold off on upgrading to Windows Vista if you’re running any major statistical software”

If you have any ACS supported statistical software installed on either UNT machines or personal machines you use exclusively at home that are running Windows XP/2000/ME (SPSS, SAS, EViews 5.1, NVivo 7 and/or LISREL), it is urgent that you do not upgrade to Windows Vista at the present time.

The current ACS supported versions of all the above software packages are not supported by their manufacturers on Windows Vista. In addition, SPSS, SAS and QSR (manufacturer of NVivo 7) have explicit plans on support for Windows Vista in upcoming software releases (SPSS 15.0.2, SAS 9.2 and Service Pack 4 for NVivo 7). Here are the relevant links and information: 

SPSS: : SPSS is currently planning on releasing patch SPSS 15.0.2, tentatively scheduled for the end of April 2007, to bring SPSS version 15 up to compatibility with Windows Vista;


SAS: : The next major release of SAS, SAS 9.2, will be supported for Microsoft Vista. The current version of SAS, SAS 9.1.3, is not supported on Windows Vista;


S-PLUS: : Insightful supports S-PLUS 7.0 on Windows Vista;


Stata: : Stata supports Stata 9 on Windows Vista;


EViews: : EViews 6 is supported on Windows Vista (the current ACS-supported version of EViews is 5.1);


LISREL: : LISREL for Windows is not supported on Windows Vista at this time;


NVivo: : With the application of Service Pack 4, NVivo 7 will be compatible with Windows Vista.

The only current ACS supported statistical software that is certified by the manufacturer for support on Microsoft Vista is Stata 9 and S-PLUS 7.0. While EViews 6 supports Windows Vista, the current ACS-supported version of EViews is 5.1.

ACS will not support issues arising from the installation and operation of software that manufacturers do not support on Windows Vista.

If you have any other questions about ACS-supported statistical software and Microsoft Windows Vista, please feel free to contact me by email or by phone - 940-369-8487.


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