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EIS Upgrade Scheduled for
 Thanksgiving Break

By Cathy Gonzalez, EIS Training, Communication, and Administration Manager, CITC

EIS is getting a face lift over the fall break that occurs to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  The project consists of upgrading the modules in EIS known as Learning Solutions to Oracle/PeopleSoft's version 8.9 software that has been renamed Campus Solutions (CS).  

First, it is helpful for you to have some perspective on the size of the project. From beginning to end the project spans 170 working days (the half-way point was reached on Friday, July 27, 2007). There are 108+ UNTS employees participating in the upgrade (47+ technical and 61+ functional staff). 

Since April of this year, UNT and HSC developers have been burning up their keyboards retrofitting UNTS customizations into the Campus Solutions 8.9 version of the delivered PeopleSoft software. The functional areas have been just as busy -- testing, attending training, documenting changes, and designing/implementing the security changes (with support from the EIS Security Administration and EIS Training Administration teams). These are all basic things required to ensure the upgraded system meets UNTS functional needs.  

The PeopleSoft Application Infrastructure Management team has taken project members thru several major milestones since April 2007. These include the upgrade initial pass, the first, second, and third test move to production upgrade cycles, and the three sets of patches/fixes applied to the new version. 

The Oracle Database Administration team has been busy supporting the Oracle database backups/changes needed to support the implementation of this new version of the software. The CITC Infrastructure and Technical Services team has been installing and configuring the new hardware purchased to ensure our infrastructure remains up-to-date. The Data Warehouse and Reporting Infrastructure team is working on the ETL changes needed to build our Reporting Database from the new CS 8.9 data model. 

From now until go-live in November, the project team needs to finalize retrofits, documentation, and security changes, perform a mock go-live cycle, conduct user training, and finalize testing that includes integration testing and load testing. And last but not least, perform the REAL go-live cycle over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. 

To learn more about the 8.9 Upgrade Project, go to the EIS website.  News items will go out soon regarding user training for CS 8.9 as well as information about the improved self-service center for students in the MyUNT portal.


Make sure and check out the latest issue of the Enterprise, a quarterly web-based publication containing EIS-specific information. Click on the graphic below to access the October issue:




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