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Helpdesk FYI

By Jonathan "Mac" Edwards, Assistant Manager of the CITC Helpdesk

Staff and Faculty Resources on the Helpdesk Website

With the fall 2007 semester in full swing I wanted to have this article take a quick look at our Helpdesk Faculty and Staff page. This page is a great resource for Faculty and Staff to find the information and help they need when it comes to UNT Computing and IT Services. 

To access the Faculty & Staff page go to  and click on Faculty & Staff.  The first thing may notice on this page is a random picture of one of our Helpdesk Staff members displayed in the upper right corner.  These are the people putting in the long hours to make sure everyone gets the support they need. 

In the center of the page you will find our support links broken down by category.

Departmental Computing Support

Here you can find who out who your Network Manager is, and how to contact them.

In addition we have information for contacting Classroom Support Services, and accessing Student Storage. 

Email Support

GroupWise information, training, and support links.  Also information on Bulk mail, and Eaglemail is found here. 

EUID Centralized Support

Find tutorials on the Account Management System.  This section contains a link to the Computer Based Training (CBT) site, which has an extensive list of available online training!  Here you can also find information and help with Web Page publishing, WebCT Vista, and UNT eCampus. 

EIS Portal

Information on, EIS training, and Cypress can be found here.  In addition a link to the Helpdesk Popup Blocker tester is located here. 

CITC Resources

Here you can find all things CITC related.  This area links to the main CITC site, and lists the CITC resources available to Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Training and Support

Information on Research and Statistical Support (RSS), Computer Training alternatives, Library Electronic Resources, Microcomputer Maintenance, and Adaptive Computing for Students.

Information Security

Here you find links to important information from the Information Security Group. It is always a good idea to practice safe computing, follow these links to be sure you are doing your part to help UNT maintain a safe computing environment.


Finally if you ever have any questions our contact information is on the left hand side of the page.  Our staff is always ready to help. 

Have a Happy Halloween.



Originally published, October 2007 -- Please note that information published in Benchmarks Online is likely to degrade over time, especially links to various Websites. To make sure you have the most current information on a specific topic, it may be best to search the UNT Website - . You can also search Benchmarks Online - as well as consult the UNT Helpdesk - Questions and comments should be directed to


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