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Campus Computing News

CITC Reorganized

By Maurice Leatherbury, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Computing and Chief Technology Officer

The CITC has made some changes to our organizational structure in order to rationalize some of the duties of various departments (i.e., put the departments where they make the most sense.) Overall, the following changes were made:

Three additional departments have been created in Administrative Information Services, one headed up by Steve Vocelka, one by Robert Jones, and one by Dorothy Flores. Vocelka's group now includes Unix Support Services (moved from Tom McElwee's division) and Nancy Fisher's EIS Technical Services group, in addition to the Production Control and Computer Operations groups that reported to Steve already. Robert Jones's group, which has been dubbed the "AIS Tools and User Services Group" includes the PeopleSoft Application Infrastructure group, EIS Tools Support (headed by Ginny Richards and now including Sanden Cottongame from the Web Support Group), Oracle Database Administration, EIS Security Administration, and Data Warehouse and Reporting

In addition, Brian Richman has moved from EIS Technical Services to Data Warehousing and Reporting and Danja Anthony has moved from Production Control to the AIM team. Finally, Dorothy Flores is leading a new organization, the Finance and Administration Systems team, which will include the Payroll/Human Resources Systems, headed by Steve Vrbka, the Fiscal Data Systems teams, to be headed by Alan Wilson, and a new team, the Finance and Administration Budgeting and Business Intelligence team, to be headed by Will Senn. This last move aligns this new group headed by Dorothy with the new university organization structure. We've split the Network Computing Services department in Tom McElwee's division into two groups, a Messaging group under Jason Myre and a OS/Directory Services group under Craig Terrell. Allen Bradley will report directly to John Hooper, assisting with budgeting, contract administration, analytics, and other administrative tasks.

Finally, two of the positions that were in the Unix Services Group have been moved to CR Chevli's department in Communications Services. Those positions were responsible for the private network, load balancer, VPN, etc. so they will find a good home in the data communications department.

We think that these moves will streamline the CITC's operations and will result in better services to the campus. You can see the current CITC organization chart here:


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