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Staff Activities


New Employees:

  • Larry Talley, Computer Systems Manager, Microcomputer Maintenance Shop (ESTS).

  • Garrett D. Stephens, Computer Systems Manager, Microcomputer Maintenance Shop (ESTS).

  • Curry L. Brown Searle, Computer Systems Manager, Academic Computing and User Services.

No longer working in the Computing and Information Technology Center:

  • Kelli Mears, Helpdesk Consultant (part-time).
  • Matt Carter, Computer Equipment Operator (AIS).

Changes, Awards, Recognition, Publications, etc.

Congratulations to Monty Slayton, Computer Systems Manager, CITC Infrastructure and Technical Services, who was just elected Mayor of Lake Bridgeport. He has previously served as councilman and Mayor Pro Tem.

Soaring Eagle

Congratulations to Larry Vick, Telecom Specialist in Communications Services, who was recognized in the August/September 2008 Human Resources Newsletter:

Service to UNT

The following people were recognized for their service to UNT in InHouse recently:

15 years of service

  • Maurice Leatherbury, Associate Vice President for Computing and Chief Technology Officer.

10 years of service

  • Sharon A. McLaughlin, Telecommunications Customer Service Representative, Communications Services.

  • Steven G. Vocelka, Assistant Director, CITC (Operations & Infrastructure Services).


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