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Link of the Month

Each month we highlight an online mailing list or website. Frequently the link is associated with UNT.

University Union Information Center Logo

The University Union Information Center is a handy place to know about if you have questions/needs that go beyond the scope of the CITC Helpdesk. As the Union Information Center website states:

Questions? Need directions? Don't know who to talk to for information? Call us at (940) 565-3805.
We are located on level 3 in the Union.

Lost and Found

One of the services provided by the Union Information Center is a lost and found service. InHouse recently published an article on this service titled "Fun Fact: Lost and Found the place to go for missing stuff." Click here to check it out.  

Originally published, January 2008 -- Please note that information published in Benchmarks Online is likely to degrade over time, especially links to various Websites. To make sure you have the most current information on a specific topic, it may be best to search the UNT Website - . You can also search Benchmarks Online - as well as consult the UNT Helpdesk - Questions and comments should be directed to


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